You say that you love me.
Call me up just to say...
"I love you," and "How are you?"
Here's what I want to say:
"Get lost,"
"Stop Lying
To yourself, and to me!"
You tried to take my life away!

Learn what my life is.
Where it is,
And why it is.
Learn what my friends mean to me.
More than you ever did,
More than you'll ever know.
And you're still trying to take me life away!?

Here's what I've got to say:
No more "I love you"'s
I hate how you are,
You make my life horrible!
Go away!
Leave me alone!
Never come back!

These words haven't reached you...
They haven't weighted you down...
But they will,
Sooner than you thought they would.
You Knew I would find out sooner or later,
And I did.
You just wait...