Dark eyes staring back at me,
Never moving unless I do,
I raise my right hand,
The image its left.
Everything reversed,
But the same,
Through the looking glass.

Leaving when I do,
Laughing when I do,
Crying when I cry.
My friend behind the glass,
The other me,
My other side.

A world strange and new,
Books read backwards,
Events beginning at the end,
Finishing at the beginning.
Upside down, right side up,
Backwards, forwards.
All normal here,
Through the looking glass.

Tiger Lilies speak to me,
Roses and daises scowl at me,
Running for days and never going anywhere.
Meeting the White Queen, the Red King,
I spoke with Humpty Dumpty.
A clumbsy White Knight,
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Eight squares until I am queen,
Over brooks and through forest of green.
Hearing poems that don't make sense,
Seeing unicorns and lions as well.
Breaking all rules of logic.
My curiosity sings,
Through the looking glass.

Queen at last, but I don't make the rules,
Too young perhaps, I'm out of place.
The food before me speaks in verse,
Everyone around me is different and queer,
My patience snaps,
I can't take this anymore,
This nonsense in this backwards world.

Back on the other side where rules of logic are firm,
Here there are destinations, places to go.
No running only to end up where I started,
No confusing bits of poetry,
No reversed paths or books.
Everything is as I know it to be, as I prefer it to be.
It is not the other world, the other place,
Through the looking glass.