(A Curse Upon All Popup Ads)

Every time I click the button
For Internet Explorer
The damn popup ads
Start to take over

Oh, I'm the 1000th visitor
I know I just won't get the money
There's a whole bunch of shit
It'll make me do

Oh, it says I win an X-Box
Is this for real?
Wait, I have to sign up for a credit card
And buy crap I don't need?
What a shitty deal

Okay, I'll get a digital camera
If I punch an "evil kangaroo"?
Who the hell comes up with these things?
There's got to be something
Better they can do

"X" one out
And 10 take its place
These things get me so frustrated
So mad I get red in the face

My ad blocker is useless!
I still get flooded
Someone tie up the damn creator
For his evil, he should be gutted!

I don't want to meet singles!
I don't want a new Discover!
Close this one
And up pops another!

I won't fall for their shams
And lies they tell
A curse upon these popup ads!
Damn them all to hell!