Magna Est Nuptee

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It was probably due to the overwrought air or, mayhap, the way the judged looked at all of them inside the Luthalian Judicial Court that Cyrvil felt so creasy. During the half-hour break, Cyrvil was feeling that she had to throw up or faint in nervousness. But Ked was seated next to her and she knew she could not slip out; he needed her for strength, he needed her now.

Her hands cold and sweaty n her lap, she racked her brain for anything that could go awry, anything that could ruin the hopes she and Ked had. Anything! Catching herself, Cyrvil sighed. She was being so paranoid again when usually she was her calm, prim, elegant and confident self. But at the moment, she was so sensitive and easily irked. It couldn't be helped! She was so anxious… she wanted the day to be perfect for Ked. Aye… perfect.

Then, Cyrvil felt a comforting hand upon hers.

"All will be fine," whispered Ked, wearing a smile.

"I am so sorry," muttered Cyrvil, grinning nervously. "You are the most concerned on this trial; I am supposed to be the one comforting you."

Ked did not say a word; instead, he squeezed Cyrvil's hand and smiled.

To everyone's increasing apprehension, the judge asked for silence in the court. In his hand was the scroll of parchment that held Cyrvil and Ked's future.

"The Judicial Court of Luthale hereby presents the decision to the people of the Kingdom of Luthalia today, the eighth of February in the year. Ked Rodlian Emoril, Prince of Luthale is thereby acquitted form the act of lasciviousness he has been accused of. Duke Maurvice and Marquioness Moirdle are banished therewith from this kingdom, thus stripped of the titles and benefits they previously enjoyed." Then, the judge bowed and left the room.

There was a lull, and then there was an explosion as everyone launched into applause of triumph. Forgetting lessons of propriety, Cyrvil sprang to Ked, straight into his arms. Both were sobbing into each other's shoulder, weeping their eyes out, moved by emotion.

"I told you, the Magna est Nuptee is inevitable," whispered Ked to her ears.

Sniffing, Cyrvil nodded. He had never failed to tell her this for he knew that their love was inevitable too.


Among the briefest kisses it must have been but neither Ked nor Cyrvil had anything to complain about, especially after they had exchanged their vows. Tonight, as they stood before all the people they knew and loved at the dais of il Capilya of Handralin, they were treading on sheer, unparalleled happiness. After a day of ceremony and anxiety, finally, they were the first King and Queen of the newly formed Kingdom of Luthalia y Gorgedinia. Forsooth, they were now together, one.

Striding slowly toward the door, the two of them smiled at the members of the new court, other leaders of the Great Isles, their relatives, friends and subjects. Proceeding into the open chariot that was pulled by a pair of magnificent white horses, they were delivered to the Grand Hall for the ball.

"I am rather tired," whispered Ked as they climbed down the wagon, taking synchronized steps in the steps of the castle. "Are you certain we have to go through this dance?"

Patiently, also hoping that she could avoid the itinerary, Cyrvil muttered back, "That will be impolite to our guests, do you think not? And I see that you are still not fond of gallant occasions such as this one…"

"But I am certainly fond of our wedding, albeit, I feel repugnant to the reception – or stalling – that comes after," said Ked affably, grinning slightly at her.

Smiling brightly as guests walked and curtsied before them, Cyrvil mouthed, "I thought you disliked waltzing with ladies… should I assume that you dislike waltzing with me as well?"

Laughing, Ked shook his head, surreptitiously taking Cyrvil's hand in his. "Nae! I shall dance with you for the entire night if it is your wish, my dear."

"I would rather not," said Cyrvil, grinning, "that would be too much for m bones to handle, don't you think?" Nervously, Cyrvil gave a slight squeeze on Ked's hand.

Ked looked at her inquiringly, and knew at once all the things that were racing in her head. She was troubling herself with what other people would think of her… would she forever be the runaway princess? Would she forever be the most audacious female in the joint kingdom? "Cyrvil, I am only too glad that you ran away from il Castile… it gave me time to know you and be with you, do you understand?" he brought Cyrvil's hand to his lips and kissed the pink and soft fingertips. "I'll make all these people love you – if they still don't; I'll banish anyone who disobeys this order…"

"Such an abuse of authority," Cyrvil laughed.

"Although, of course, I'll banish anyone who loves you as much as I do…"

Cyrvil shook her head in amusement. "Indeed?"

"Oh, yes, anyone who does that will pay dearly."

Meanwhile, the notes of the first waltz streamed across the hall.

Watching Cyrvil, Ked gestured to an exaggerated bow. "Your Majesty, would you grant me the honor of this dance?"

With her smile unfaltering, and her eyes gleaming, Cyrvil replied, "It will be my pleasure, my lord."

His hand around Cyrvil's waist, Ked muttered, smiling, "Have I told you that you look splendid tonight, my lady?"

Looking quite coy, Cyrvil muttered, "Not until now, my lord."

"Well, you do. And please forgive my tactlessness," said Ked in such a deep voice, sending a shock down Cyrvil's spine.

Blinking her beautiful dark eyes, "You have forever to appraise me, my lord," Cyrvil reminded him.

"Indeed!" said Ked triumphantly. "But, pray, tell me how much longer we'll have to deal with these guests?"

Cyrvil paused in consideration. "For one, our Grand Minister believes that this is quite an opportunity to discuss with the diplomats some – "

"What do you reckon will he do if we got out of here this instance?"

"Neither he nor our parents would like it very much, I believe."

The notes of the waltz slowed and, thus, ended. Ked frowned. "I don't think I'd like it if we stayed, though."

As Ked steered her away from the crowd of dancing couples, Cyrvil tried to argue. "But Mother told me that personal matters should not get in the way of business…"

"Do you truly think that, my dear, is it really coming from the princess who ran away six months ago?" Ked asked, his lips curling up at the corners. "Now, we much not let business get in the way of personal matters." Picking up his wife's hands and kissing it, Ked said, "let us go, shall we? This is our wedding after all…"

The picture of a blushing bride, Cyrvil asked bluntly, "why must you be so earnest?"

"By Faromir's beard! I am a groom, and I have a beautiful bride beside me, do you see it now?"

Very red in the face, Cyrvil nodded silently, consenting as Ked dragged her to the nearest staircase.

"Good evening, Your Majesties," greeted Sallyan, having an animated conversation with Iador, Irdle and Devron. All of them looked inquiringly at the king. "Do you need anything, my lady?"

"Good evening to you, too, Sallyan," said Ked, smiling pleasantly. "She doesn't need anything at the moment, thank you very much."

With raised brows, Devron chuckled. "But you need peace and… quiet, don't you, my friend?"

Cyrvil felt her cheeks go numb and Ked laughed. "Peace and quiet, indeed."

Raising his wineglass as a toast, Devron said, "Good evening, then."

At once, Ked led Cyrvil up the red-carpeted stairs.

Panting as they reached the second floor, Cyrvil stopped behind Ked. Their hands were still intertwined. "I do not feel comfortable running in these shoes…"

Shrugging, Ked bent and carried her in his arms.

Cherry-headed, Cyrvil muttered, "This is not the solution I had in mind."

"This is just perfect," assured Ked with a smile. "Relax, love, and close your eyes."

Cyrvil was only happy to do so. Yawning, she buried her head in Ked's shoulders.

"You seem tired," noted Ked thoughtfully. "What time did you wake up?"

"Crack of dawn," replied Cyrvil in a low, sleepy whisper. "I was so excited and I had so many things to do…"

Watching as Cyrvil drowned in sleep, Ked could fell Cyrvil's breath in his skin, so warm and lingering. His heart skipped a beat when he realized that every time he woke up in the mornings, he would live to see this beautiful face.

At long last, they reached the top of the North Tower. He opened the door to the bedchambers and crossed the threshold. Carefully, treating Cyrvil as a most fragile and delicate flower, he brushed the hangings aside and laid Cyrvil on the huge bed. He took of her houppelande and set aside his own coat. Stretching beside her, he adjusted her head to his chest and absentmindedly stroked her fine black hair. When she woke up, would she finally tell him what she felt toward him?

"Ked, I'm – " Cyrvil's soft words stopped as she stared around her, awed. Candles, a whole lot of them, in different colors with that refreshing powdery scent radiated their taper throughout the whole room. So beautiful, so amazingly beautiful, she thought. "It's – I'm – oh, Ked, how could you have such marvelous ideas?"

Smiling at her, "Wait till you see the view," he whispered.

Cyrvil lifted her head toward the balcony and watched the curtains whip as the breeze passed. Then, her eyes moved to the platform near the window. It was occupied by a covered figure, so large that it stood five feet tall. "What is that?" asked Cyrvil enthusiastically.

As he was dragged off the bed by an extremely childlike Cyrvil, Ked had no choice but to trudge behind her, barefoot. Showing bursts of excitement, Cyrvil unveiled the figure and got wide-eyed at what she saw.

"This is – "

"Handralin Castle, yes," said Ked with a nod.

A wooden likeness of their new home it was! It so very much similar, down to the finest details, that Cyrvil could not help but laud the amazing person who could have carved wood into this wonderful castle.

"Do you recall the man whom we met at the faire?" asked Ked, captivated by Cyrvil's joy. "The one who had miniature buildings and wooden dolls? He made this for us."

Cyrvil looked up, surprised and delighted at the same time, "I'd like to thank him…"

"Perhaps we can thank him both tomorrow, for he lives here in Handralin."

Beaming, "Let us do," said Cyrvil eagerly.

"Move on," Ked murmured in her ear. "I have something to show you." This time, it was he who moved in quick strides across the room toward the balcony.

Her palms brushing against the railings of marble, Cyrvil's breath was taken away completely by the sight she beheld. Beyond the cliff was the great openness of the vast, deep blue sea. Now she doubted she would be able to sleep in her desire to witness the sun touching the waves in the morning.

"How come I did not know of this room?" asked Cyrvil, intrigued.

"I did not want all the surprised to be all ruined," answered Ked, pulling her closer to him. "You've been so busy about the wedding. I, on the other hand, busied myself with trying to make this the best wedding present you could have."

"Uhmm?" said Cyrvil, closing her eyes as she became so aware of his closeness, his scent.

"You know, we have to thank our grandfathers for thinking that we ought to be married…" said Ked, smiling down at her.

"Aye, certainly," said Cyrvil, smiling more brilliantly than ever. "But I have that boy to thank…"

"Which boy?" asked Ked, a slight frown was forming in his forehead.

"The one who said I couldn't even take care of five little kittens. I want to thank him for being direly annoying," said Cyrvil seriously.

"He also is the one who now owns a black cat with purple eyes, is he not?" asked Ked, grinning. "And the one who gave you the bunny with brownish gray fur."

"Quite right," agreed Cyrvil, nodding graciously. "I should like to tell him that I am ever so grateful for his unrelenting trust, his unbent patience… for that boy is now my king I will serve, and the man I will love forever."

Standing quite still, Ked could hear his heart pumping in his head. He heard it right, didn't he? He couldn't be dreaming, could he?

Knowing how long she weighted her emotions and how long she made Ked wait, Cyrvil said, this time much clearer, "I love you, Ked. With no doubt, and with all sincerity, I love you."

Ked's handsome countenance was suddenly lifted into graciousness that felt was suddenly aware of what he had been to her all this time – all love and wonder, all certainty and happiness, all awe and assurance.

Laughing, his voice full of emotion, Ked murmured, "This castle will hold all our children and our grandchildren…"

"Amen." Cyrvil's voice was so sweet and tender, and full of submission.

Sharing a most passionate kiss, Ked felt himself fade away into a place he'd never been to, somehow doubting that his feet were still on solid ground. A feeling of wrongness whenever he was with Lyenda, there was none. There only existed this sweet and most amorous feeling that filled his body and his heart. And now, he realized why. If he could scold Lady Fate, he would have done it already, for it toyed with him – and Cyrvil – causing them great hurt. But more than that, he would have thanked Lady Fate for making him able to share a deep passion called love.

Being held close by Ked, Cyrvil came to understand what all the people said about Ked and her, and about Fate. This was none sort of coincidence. Why she had to bump into him at the marketplace was meant to precede all the other works of destiny and of the stars… why they had to be giving each other solace at lonesome times was a silken segment of an intricate web, woven artfully and especially for them… deeply humbled, she knew that had she been open-minded or not, she would still have been led to Ked's arms right at this very night. No consequence would set them apart, for they were meant to be together – had they been feigning royalties or not.

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