I'll see you Friday.' Those four little words echoed through her mind as she stared transfixed on the waxen full moon.

Three Days Earlier....
They always said that she was going to get herself into trouble one of these days, with the way she moved about with little or no inhibitions. They said she lived too wildly, not dangerously just wild, like some sort of animal.

But then what did they know?

Moving through the dance floor of briskly gyrating bodies, shifting in close niche as they moved in sensual dance moves making love to the pulsating music, Carmen followed the retreating leather jacket of her current boyfriend, Chris Farrington, vanishing out the back exit.

Her friends and family had warned her about him and they had all the right to. He had mysteriously arrived over a year ago, as if blown in by the dry winds of that summer, and just as mysterious as his appearance he remained as such.

In their months of dating he had never shown her his home, spoke of any friends or family, or said anything of his past. He was a mystery wrapped in an enigma, a puzzle she enjoyed trying to solve only to be stumped when she felt she had just about figured him out.

The club's back door lead onto the musky alleyway made uncomfortably narrow from the close proximity in which the neighboring building stood.

Her eyes, ever cast in a playful gaze, looked up and down the dark pathway taking in the shapes of the dumpsters and rubbish scattered about...but no sign of Chris.

Fear gave wings to her heart causing it to pound harder and harder against her breast; her breaths blowing past her parted lush lips in frenzied pants. The alley was dark, and though she held no fears of the dark she feared the dangers the dark hid.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped quickly around her waist pulling her backwards firmly against a lean chest.

Instantly the fears ebbed quickly replaced with comfort and security, You're never afraid of me. He stated in pure wonder turning them both until her back pressed securely against the dirty brick wall.

She parted her lips to respond to his curious statement only to have his hungry lips press down over her own in a searing kiss. She moaned in pure delight at the feel of his fingertips messaging into the curve of her hips, sweeping down to scratch against her inner thigh, his body pressed flush against her so that her sensitive chest pressed through their three layers of clothing to rub against his.

His right hand moved to brush against her the skin of her spine exposed by her halter top, enticing a soft purr from her throats as his teeth nipped gently on her bottom lip. She parted her lips against his, tilting her head upwards so she could coax her tongue into his mouth, sucking sensually on his in a fashion she knew he was quiet fond of.

A growl reverberated from his chest flowing up into her open mouth making her head rumble with the aided sensation. He gathered her body dressed in shiny faux leather shorts to him, reluctantly parting from their lip lock he lowered his mouth to warm the skin of her neck with his panting breaths.

Her arms instinctively snaked around his shoulders securing her position in his arms as he skillfully inflicted a delicious heat into her being with well planted kisses pressed from the lobe of her ear traveling down once more to her neck and shoulder.

Her breath caught in her throat when she felt his teeth, his sharp teeth, pierce into the hallow in the crook of her neck. She wanted to scream, be it of pleasure or of pain, the two feelings were too intertwined at the moment to tell, all Carmen could do was shakily release the moan and increase her grip on his shoulders keeping hold to something solid to maintain her own sanity.

The small embers of hate that he had so skillfully fanned into a raging fire of lust consumed her very core. His tongue lapped at the stinging hickey, treating the abused circle of skin with gentle care.

Too soon was the warmth gone, quickly diminishing as Chris stood away from her. His golden-hazel eyes held their usual feral gleam darkened somewhat with a mischievous glare as they locked with her own, I'll see you Friday. He stated before walking away with only the echoing of his retreating foot falls as her company.


Sitting on the bench of the practically forsaken park Carmen looked upwards at the starry sky above revisiting that Tuesday night over and over again. Even if she didn't know where to meet him she knew he would find her, Chris never broke a promise.

I'll see you Friday.' Those four little words echoed through her mind as she stared transfixed on the waxen full moon peeking from behind thin gray clouds.

Looking upwards with her neck craned back she felt her skin flush with warmth, the same stifling warmth Chris had provoked in her that Tuesday night. That same night she was reduced to self-gratification, and still she burned for his touch.

Tugging the three back strings of the tightly knit halter top loose her hand fanned the exposed skin in vain. She could feel the memory of his lips on her cheek and neck, his hands roaming up and down her hips and spin inflaming her skin as if he were present to administer the sensual fondling.

A thin sheen of sweat covered her body the large leather dog collar (a gag gift from a vindictive cousin) bobbed along with her breast pressed tightly against her shirt as she panted deeply unaware, and with the pleasures running thought her uncaring, of what was truly happening to her.

The cool winds blew against her the tiny hairs on her body as they grew thick and long cover her moist skin like a thin fur coat. Moaning out a lustful growl her fingers, with nails now hard black sharp claws, touched lightly against her inflamed skin.

Dropping to the grass in hopes of extinguishing the fire that was roaring within her, her once page boy styled hair had grown thick and shaggy, the teeth that bit into her pouty bottom lip was that of a feral canine's fang. An animal-like growl passed through her fanged teeth as her shaking hands ran past her now golden-brown wolf eyes to grasp at her wild mane of hair.

Carmen's caprice suddenly felt tight about her waist, her body growing to accompany her new changes. It was painful yet at the same moment gratifying, the waist and crouch pulling tighter to near chafing. Just as it began to feel unbearable the button popped free allowing the small bit of bone that had stretched outwards from her lower vertebrae, it wagged about freely as fresh hair grew to cover the new limb.

The whimpering moans continued to rip from her lengthening face as she kicked her legs forcing the lose pants and ripped panties lower and lower to tangle about her knees. Her struggles caused the loose top to fall open revealing her pert breast to the cold night.

Letting lose another pleased whine her back arched off the grass, her bones shifting to suit the needs her blood called for, her chest swelled as multiple tits grew in rows down the length of her ribs.

Her face had proceeded to change, her snout protruding outwards like a furless nuzzle ending with a black mushroom shaped nose. Her ears had grown elfin-shaped moving upwards on her head until they settled like that of a dog's.

The night filled with her euphoric moans was soon accompanied with the sound of her bones along her spine and limbs crunching together as the final stages of her transformation ensued. There was no pain; in fact there was just the opposite, pleasure, unbridled searing pleasure that had her writhing on the cool grass moaning up into the watching stars as though they were her lover inflecting those delicious feelings within her.

Her legs, having shrunk and thinned slightly in length, buckled folding as they reshaped to her new needs. Her toes, once painted peacock blue, forged together forming into rough bottomed paws. Panting roughly with her long tongue hanging out the corner of her long mouth she watched thought her pleasure heavy eyes as the same happened to her hairy hands.

The intense feeling of bliss spiked as her transformation reached its conclusion. Her voice lost to the long snout protruding where her mouth and nose once were she howled her utter elation of ecstasy.

Panting deeply with the feel of orgasmic delight receding, Carmen rolled onto all fours; the woman that once sat on the bench was gone all that remained was a dark wolf with a collar encircled around her neck.

Her canine legs stumbled from out of the rumpled caprices twirling about to look onto the furry appendage waging joyfully behind her as she tried with all her might to get a good look at the phenomena that was her new self. She could hear things far better than she could ever hear before, see the images in the dark clearly, and smelloh the smells that drifted into her nose. Water, pray, the earthand a male wolf.

At the treeline that seperated the park from the wilderness her eyes focused on a large raven black wolf staring at her with all too familiar feral eyes. Eyes that spoke a promise she had heard not too long ago, 'I'll see you Friday.'

Chris. She spoke in the primal tongue only the wilderness knew, the primal tongue she now knew as her own.

The mystery was solved within an instant. Everything he had never told her was now known thanks to the final piece of the puzzle. Chris Farrington is a werewolf, and he had chosen to share that gift with her.

His tail wagged confirming her words, expressing his joy and delight at how she had turned out. He barked happily looking to her once more his body called for her to join him for a run in the full moon's light. To join him in the bliss that was wild, to join him period as mate for life.

They always said that she lived too wildly, like some sort of wild animal in the woods.

Running playfully alongside her mate, nipping randomly towards him Carmen could not help but agree as the blood in her veins sang a pounding tone in her ears. Running from him as instinct commanded she took delight in the sound of his paws pounding into the ground as he gave chase.

Only now she isn't like some sort of wild animal, she is a werewolf.