Hello everyone who has managed to read all of this to the very end. I know right now some of you wish to straggle me for that ending, but admit it, itwas good.

But thank you, bloodmoon15, silvericewind, Moonlight Silver Wolf, WrittenInJello, phoenixincendium, The Mistress Natalia, Adema22Angel, Vulpes, Tenshistar, yv (or is it vy), Detroit, blacktalons, Darkening angel, and abc123 chewy.

Thank you, thank you, you don't know how much your reviews and critism has helped me along the way and inspire me onward.

For those of you who can't stand a sad ending and are waiting for the second book to Friday I have already begun and posted it under the title of "Goodbye Yesterday". Check it out; hopefully it will get much better and live up to the potential of Friday.

Aside from wanting to thank you all I wanted to write a responds to a review I have recently received due to something I had wrote in chapter 4 of Friday.


"And if you think your sole purpose on this planet is to reproduce then you hold to some seriously Mormon ideals."

That is a 100 incorrect statement and highly offensive to me. Not only is it a lie, but it is rude and serves no purpose in the story. Mormons generally have more children because they know that children are a blessing and they love them. They also are less selfish than the traditional "modern" parent who doesn't have time or money for children. However, Mormons feel that their main purpose in life is to become more like God through good choices and following the commandments. It in no way has to do with feeling the need to "reproduce" as you so crudely put it.

First off Brittany thanks for taking the time to read and review, this is the first real negative review I've received for this story and I hope that just because of one statement you don't read on to the end.

Now believe it or not I am actually aware of this; I so happen to have cousins and co-workers who are Mormon and the maximum of children they have had is three. And I am highly aware that by having such relations doesn't make what I wrote anymore right. But I wrote it anyway because to me and what I wrote it did hold some relevance (and it's really a private joke between me and said cousins due to something we had seen on TV. They read it and laughed).

But I'm not going to change it or apologize because regardless of what anyone does or says they are going to do or say something that offends someone else and I'm pretty sure Brittany may have some misconceptions about my religion and many others that exist.

So from here on everyone please take what I say with a grain of salt and remember no one is perfect, no one knows everything, and most importantly it is FICTION so relax.