July Fourth
our sons have lost their fathers
without reason, but with cause:
not from lack of heart,
but rather
heart has failed
and suddenly he's gone.
be brave, our boys
and don't despair
I know you're hurting
but you're still living
and being twenty
doesn't last.
celebrate -
you're independent
and let the others know
you're strong inside.
kiss our men
because they're all we have
in a world
that makes us sad and lonely.
our fathers are dying
but pray for them, boys -
the skies are full of fire
and our hearts are beating strong.
we will miss them
none more so than on this day
the day our fathers fought
the day our sons still grieve
the day we must remember
our past, fathers -
our present, mothers -
our future, sons -
remember what we live for
and who have died for us
and never forget this Day
of Independence.