The 3rd Floor

Kelly and Tany sat on their bed in their dorm room, just chatting. After a long day of nonstop classes, they thought that after doing their assignments, they would sit on their bed and just chat to forget all the stress about homework. They didn't realize it was getting so late. Tany looked at the alarm clock on the side-table and gasped when it showed ten minutes to twelve.

"Shit, it's almost midnight. And I have Statistics class tomorrow with Mr. Andrew. I think we better go to bed." Tany looked at Kelly who seemed a bit disappointed after hearing what she said.

"Bed? Already? Come on, your class will start at one, right? So we can sleep late! Come on, I still want to hear about that cute guy you were talking about. What's his nickname again? Nallz? Nullz? Oh, sexy!"

"Sorry dear, but I still have assignment to do tomorrow morning. Unlike you, you've finished it all before the lecturer even tells you the due date!"

Kelly rolled her eyes and poked her tongue out. "Haha, very funny. I just like to finish my assignments fast so I can relax later. I don't want to be such a lazy bum like you."

"Oi, watch it," Tany arched an eyebrow while her eyes were glaring coldly at Kelly but Kelly just smiled at her. "Uh, I have to go to the bathroom. Don't turn off the lights yet, okay?" Tany said as she got up and walked towards the door. Just as soon as she grabbed the doorknob, Kelly said something that made her stop from opening the door.

"It's midnight. beware of the 3rd floor..."

Tany turned around, looking a bit confused. "Eh?"

"You don't know the story of the 3rd floor? Well you know our senior, Videl, told me before that there was a student like 2 or 3 years ago who committed suicide in that bathroom. Well she was some depressed girl and sh- "

"Oh yeah. committed sucide... okay. good attempt to scare me. Okay, I'll be going now. Come on, it's after millennium. What, are you saying that there will be ghost?" Tany chuckled. "Remember, don't turn off the lights yet, okay?" and Tany turned around and opened the door and walked along the corridor heading towards the bathroom which is located on the 3rd floor.

When she climbed up the stairs, suddenly she felt chilly. "Why didn't I bring my coat with me? Stupid!" she said to herself. She continued walking to the bathroom when she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

She stopped and the sound of footsteps stopped too. Was that my imagination or what? Tany kept asking herself. She wanted to find out so badly who's behind her yet she was too scared to turn around. She slowly continued to walk again hoping that there would be no sound of footsteps again behind her this time. To her surprise, she could still hear them as if there was somebody following the beat of her own footsteps.

She took a deep breath as she walked and while she could still hear the footsteps behind her, she quickly turned around to see who it was. Her heart started to beat wildly when she expected to see somebody but there was nobody. She scanned the floor and there was nothing but absolute silence. Only a few dim lights hanging on the ceiling gave certain spots some lights.

Okay, just your imagination, Tany. The sound of footsteps was just in your head. Tany kept repeating inside her head while she made her way to the bathroom. There was no more sound of footsteps after that and she felt relieved. She reached at the bathroom door. Goddamnit, I just need to go to the bathroom then go back to my room. Why the hell am I scared?

She entered the bathroom and there was nobody inside. The room was pitch- black and she couldn't see anything. She searched for the light switch on the wall beside her and tried to turn on the lights but it wouldn't work.

"Eh? That's odd. It worked just fine this morning."

Then there was the sound of footsteps again only this time, it sounded like as if somebody was running along the corridor. She turned around and tried to find somebody but failed and she was getting really scared.

"Oh fuck this; I'm going back to my room. This can wait until tomorrow I hope. This is scarier than the 'X-Files'."

After closing the bathroom door, she walked back to her room. But before she reached the stairs to go back down to the 2nd floor where her room is located, a voice stopped her.

"I thought you were here to see me."

Tany quickly scanned around her to see who said that but she couldn't find anybody.

".but you closed the door and walked back out without even saying 'hi' to me."

"Who said that? Hello? Anybody there?"

".just like the others. They made fun of me."

"What? Who said that? Come on, this isn't funny anymore!"

".and my glasses, and my hair, and my clothing. typical of them."

"Fuck this. This is getting lame already okay??"

". I'm all lonely. Won't you come and talk to me? It's pretty dark in here."

"Kelly, is that you?"

No answer.

"Oh I get it now. You're trying to scare me with that story, right? Oh okay. Good job. Now would you just come out of the bathroom? The joke's over."

No response.



Tany was getting a bit worried. What if she had locked Kelly inside the bathroom? Even though if logically, that's not possible since she was standing at the bathroom's entrance, blocking it. That would mean nobody could enter unless she moved and she was sure that nobody was inside the bathroom. Then how come she's hearing a voice that sounded like Kelly's coming from inside the bathroom?

"Unless. there's a shortcut?"

Whatever it was, Tany decided to just ignore it. She moved her feet when she heard the voice again.

"Open the door and let me out. don't leave me alone here, I'm scared."

Tany started to think. If there was really somebody in there and she missed her before when she was checking the room and she could have locked her inside.

"Tany." the voice called out Tany's name and that surprised her.

"SHIT. She knows my name. That could probably be Kel or some other person I know. I'll be dead if she reports this to the prefect," Tany said softly to herself. She then decided that she would go back to open the door before somebody hears the voice and come to check it out. She would be in a major trouble for being on the 3rd floor alone after midnight. "Okay, hold on. I'm coming," she shouted but not loud enough to make everybody in that block to hear her.

She walked back to the bathroom and slowly she turned the doorknob and the door creaked open. It was still dark inside and she still couldn't see anything. "Hello?" Tany wanted to enter to check the bathroom but there was no point since it was dark.. "Damnit, should have brought the flashlight with me if I knew the damn switch won't work."


She waited for a few seconds for an answer when a figure suddenly appeared in front of her that made her jump back. She tripped and fell onto the floor. The figure stepped forward a bit and Tany sighed in relief when she saw Kelly in front of her.

"FOR GOD'S SAKE THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!" Tany exclaimed. She felt angry at Kelly for playing a joke on her but at the same time she was glad that it was Kelly instead of some other person... or the legendary ghost in that matter. She glared sharply at Kelly who just stood there, smiling at her. "Well? Aren't you going to help me up?"

Kelly offered her hand to help Tany to get up. Kelly's hand was as cold as ice. "Are you sick or something? You hand's way too cold. Seriously, that was not funny. You think you could scare me with that stupid 3rd floor legend, the footsteps, the creepy mysterious voice and all that crap? Please. That's so cliché. Now let's get back to the dorm room before somebody sees us." Tany turned around and started walking but Kelly just stood there, still staring at her.

When Tany turned her head to look at Kelly, that was when she could see that Kelly hadn't moved. She was still standing and looking at Tany, expressionless.

"Well? Are you going to stand there all night?"

Kelly didn't answer. Tany walked back towards Kelly when she realised that there were tears in Kelly's eyes, Tany was surprised. "Are you crying? Shit, I'm sorry, okay? Oh come on. why are you crying on something tiny? You were sneaky by the way. I know you were following me because I could hear your footsteps behind me, but I just don't know how you got into the room unnoticed. You better tell me how but right now we've got to get back before we get caught! Come on!"

Tany started moving, but Kelly remained at her spot. That made Tany wonder why Kelly wouldn't move. Unexpectedly, Kelly opened her mouth to speak.

"I. can't. I just want you to stay with me here. I'm so lonely." Kelly said softly, almost like a whisper. Her eyes were filled with tears and her checks were wet. "Come inside the bathroom and we'll talk until morning."

"Er, we could do that when we get back to our room you know?"

Kelly didn't answer.

"Fine. If you want to get into troubles, be that way. I'm going back to my room to get some sleep. You can stay here or sleep here if you want but don't say I didn't warn you."

Tany took a few steps backwards. She was hoping Kelly would follow her but she was wrong. Instead, Kelly took a few steps back and slowly disappeared into the darkness of the room. Tany shook her head in disbelief and ran back to her dorm room.

When she reached her room, she paused for a few minutes to catch her breath before closing the door. She slowly walk towards her bed before she gasped out of shock.

"What the hell???"

She saw Kelly lying on her bed, reading a magazine. When she heard Tany, she put the magazine on her chest and looked at Tany with a weird look on her face. "You look like you've just seen a ghost. Wait, did you see any?? Wait, did you run back?"

"Wha-How-Eh??- How did you get down so fast? Why didn't you tell me there's a shortcut to the bathroom??"

"What are you talking about? What shortcut?"

"Don't play dumb. How did you get down from the bathroom on the 3rd floor so fast? I didn't see you at all!"

"Girl, I've been in this room since you left so I don't know what you're talking about. Jac was here when you were gone. You can ask her if you want."

Tany blinked. She froze. She took out her mobile phone from her pants' pocket and started dialing Jac who stays next to their room. When Jac picked up her phone, she asked whether it is true that she was with Kelly the whole time she went to the bathroom. Her eyes widened when she heard the word 'yes'.

She hung up the phone, not knowing what or who to believe. She sat down on her bed and stared at Kelly who was staring back at her, confused.

"Kel. what exactly did Videl tell you about the 3rd floor?"

"I thought you didn't want to believe in it."

"Just tell, damn it!"

"Okay, okay! Chill. Well, she told me that 2 or 3 years ago, there was a girl who was terribly depressed and she committed suicide in that bathroom right after the clock struck twelve midnight. After that, some girls who went to the bathroom after midnight reported seeing that dead girl walking along the corridor. Some reported seeing that girl again hanging on the ceiling like on the day the students found her. Some just said they heard moaning and weeping coming from the 3rd floor. So nobody would go to that bathroom after midnight since then but then again, those who did after that never reported any unusual sightings again so everybody just had forgotten about it and moved on. Probably they made that story up because they were evil and all that and want to scare the students." Kelly yawned and pulled the blanket to her face. "I'm going to sleep. We'll talk again tomorrow. Goodnight."

Tany kept quiet. She was pondering whether she should tell what she saw to Kelly or to just keep quiet about it. Besides, she wasn't sure if it was real or just her imagination. It is a question that will never be answered for her.