the darkness sets in;
i don't know how to begin
to tell you what's going on
in my hectic life.
everything seems wrong,
i don't belong
with people that ignore me.
it doesn't matter how "awesome" you are,
you won't get very far
with me if you act like everyone else.
if you don't be yourself,
you'll never make it.
you'll always change.
if this is a habit,
then break it.
everyone behaves differently,
and i love the diversity.
don't judge someone
before you have a conversation;
don't be the one
to force them into alienation.
do you want that responsibility?
i can't explain human negativity,
but i can tell you,
life is more enjoyable
if looked upon with a positive outlook.
i know it's hard
to concentrate in the dark
of this cold insulting world,
but you can attempt
to make the world a bit brighter
for yourself.