Dragon's Lair

Wild and wicked was the Dragon's Lair,
As I stumbled in from the storm.
All was quiet,
Then a pebble,
A small pebble,
Hit the cold stone floor.
I Hadn't moved,
And yet...
There was another small pebble,
That landed at my feet.
When I picked it up,
I realized that it was a scale,
A bloody dragon scale.
The purple blood got on my hand.
I went to scream,
But 'twas stifled by a warm hand.
I turned to find a man,
Clad in maile.
He motioned to remain quiet,
Though I did not know the man,
I obeyed.
I went to leave,
But the entrance was blocked by a stone.
Then I heard the swish of a wing,
And I flung around.
All that could be seen was deep black.
The man,
Taking my hand,
Started forward,
Into the blackness of the Dragon's Lair.
I followed hesitantly.

There was an epic battle.
Swishing of wings,
Clanging of sword on scales,
And small glints of fire.
There was a long,
Bright strip of fire,
And I saw the dragon,
Mighty and proud.
The man pushed me back,
Into a sharp rock,
All I remember was
The sound of a sword
Breaking through the scales,
A high screech,
The twang of an arrow
Leaving it's bow,
and the sensation of being picked up
Before all went even more black
Than before.

I awoke in a meadow,
All was safe,
Untill the next time,
I wandered into
The Dragon's Lair...