Stark awake in the night,
Bolt upright in the twilight.
Sweat standing on end,
Breath shallow,
And this is not a dream.
My eyes catch slinking specters,
As they claw in and out
From my closet.
I stare wide eyed,
Convinced the paranoia has at last,
Taken me, and I've lost my mind.
1:13 AM
I blink, and the specter vanishes,
Replaced by slithering shadows,
As one of them passes by the doorframe.
Someone is in my bathroom.
A man stands at the foot of my bed.
Soaked to the bone from dry rain,
Slathered in a trenchcoat and dotted white collar,
A holy holy hat on his head.
I can never see his eyes.
1:29 AM
I blink and he's gone,
A ghostly outline
Reverberating from my pupils.
It is a cold and wet night,
But my throat is as dry as death,
And maddening heat grips me.
This is not the first time they've been in my room.
2:06 AM
Someone screamed,
I saw her face lying next to mine,
Eyes too wide to be human.
Her severed hand grips my own.
2:54 AM
These ghosts continue to haunt me,
No matter what state I'm in,
But despite contrary belief,
They are the best of kin.
3:47 AM
For they only come to visit,
Every month or so.
As a seething reminder,
We reap what we sow.
So beware the someone
You leave behind.
Lest we forget,
The horror of our own mind.
6:15 AM (alarm)