The War Machine.
The war machine feeds on the helpless.
It screeches the cries of the innocent.
It's joints kept oiled by hate and greed.
So as it can keep on killing.
The killing machine's main weapons.
Are slander and dehumanization.
It makes regular people,
Like you and I.
Into faceless, nameless enemies.
This war machine helps no one.
It is a master of persuasion.
It will make you think you need it.
And then it will kill you too.
The killing machine needs blood.
To keep it running smoothly.
It strikes fear into our souls.
And destroys our hearts and dreams.
It destroys people.
Just like me.
It keeps us up at night.
It twists the good and kind.
Into darkness and hate.
Like itself.
The war machine rasps it's name proudly.
On the news each night these days.
It has so much to feed on.
That it shows no signs of stopping.
And as long as the guns are fireing.
As long as the bombs are dropping.
The war machine. Will never feel hunger.
And it will never go away.