The arrest of Soon and his associates makes big news at Tuesday night and the following Wednesday morning. According to reports, a Korean neo-Communist terrorist cell had obtained Soviet-manufactured power armor and used them in robberies. It was their intent to finance an operation to blow up the Pacific Stock Exchange during the midst of stock trading. Officials from the Republic of Korea identified Soon as a Communist sympathizer who was suspected of spying for North Korea.

All of that is a distant memory for Andrew Curtis as we walks along the grass. He has been here once, long ago. He walks along until he finds it.

The marble plaque marking the place where Darlene Garland was buried.

He notices the plaque is clean, and there are flowers on it. Along with the flowers is a cardboard card. He looks at the cover.

- To A Loving Daughter-

Andrew opens the card. He reads the preprinted message.

-Thank you for coming into our lives abd brining us joy.-

With that is a handwritten message in ink.

-We miss you

Mom and Dad-

"I miss you too," says Andrew, leaving a bouquet of red roses on the plaque.

After his visit to Forest Lawn Memorial Park-Hollywood Hills, Andrew goes to the Our Lady of Charity orphanage. He had decided to volunteer here, at the place where he grew up. He enters the administration building to see Father Dominic, and he comes upon a familiar face.

That face is Paco, the young carjacker whom he had stopped on that first night of his crusade.

"Hi," he says to Paco. "I'm Andrew, one of the volunteers."

"I'm Paco," says Paco. "This is my first day here."

"I used to live here until I started college. I decided to come back here and help out. What about you?"

"I never lived here. I used to be a crook. But I found out a life of crime wasn't worth it, so I turned to Christ. I now follow His example in doing good unto others."

"I'm going to the headmaster's office. I guess we'll see each other later."

Andrew walks down the hall, smiling. Jesus Christ is his true Strength and his Rock and his Mediator with God. With Christ on his side, he can overcome any obstacle.