Walking through forests of green,
Running through meadows with flowers purple and blue,
The wind teasing my hair, kissing me softly upon my cheek,
Birds calling out to me, singing of life's great mysteries.
I listen, listen to
Calling birds and whispering wind,
Splash of waterfalls and babbling brooks.
All around me the secrecy of nature,
Its mysteries.
Together we are one, trading stories of the life we lead,
Listening respectfully, talking in turn.
Here I dance beneath the wide blue sky,
Gently swaying grasses tickling my feet,
Voices of the wind singing songs of happiness and misery.
The ancient forest trees bow to me,
I bow back, a wide smile upon my lips.
Birds of beauty chirping ballads of a brown eyed girl,
With silver wings and a voice like bells.
They sing of her heart of gold,
Her generosity.
I sit among the swaying wild flowers and listen,
Wondering of whom they sing.
A hush befalls the forests, the meadows,
All listening in respectful silence.
The wind adds to the tale, disturbing my hair as it swirls about,
Invisible fingers caressing my face and hands.
I close my eyes, feel nature all around me.
The song, the ballad ends,
Silence everywhere,
Open my eyes and I suddenly realize,
The brown eyed girl,
With silver wings,
I know her.
I've always known her,
For she
Is me.