The Experiences.
I don't hate you.
Not anymore.
You all who took from me.
What made me pure.
It's not like I'm glad it happened.
That's quite the opposite of the truth you know.
But I'm happy with who I am.
I'm glad about who I've become.
And I wouldn't be who I am without you.
Without the darkest times in my life,
I would not have the light.
I don't hate you anymore.
Who took my heart.
Who stuffed me in trash cans.
Who took my childhood.
I don't care anymore.
Who took my purity.
Who took the vestiges of my soul.
The last of my heart.
I'm over it.
The people that have left me.
To my own devices.
The deserters.
The pain they caused.
All of this made me who I am,
And I'm happy with who I am.
I like me now.
And though I'm not glad it happened.
I have reason to thank you.
In a way.
The people who destroyed my life.
Gave me who I am.
And who I am.
Gave me everything.