Don't Want To Try


If you gave me a reason,

To not do the things I do;

Not just any reason,

One that has a meaning,

Then I would most likely

Question it.

I question everything.

And yet I don't get a good meaning from it.

I take time and effort to satisfy people,

When I get no rewards.

I do good,

I get far,

Yet I, myself, still do not feel like

I am helping myself but more helping you.

Helping those that don't even care to

Think twice if I am happy- and for what?

For what reason should I be stuck in this position?

I don't want to. Yet I still do it.

I don't want to try for you.

Hell! I don't even like to try for myself…

Not that I do anymore.

I don't fucking need this.

This shit that you make up,

That you just love to put me through.

It's not that I'm going to stop caring,

It's that I'm just going to pretend like I really do.

But don't feel too bad for yourself,

You have nothing to feel bad for-

I'm just one insignificant person

That has made you feel good about yourself,

Made you feel superior.

I didn't mind for a while,

But making people happy?

That shit gets old…

And I intend to give up.