His Advice


I unexpectedly "poured" my heart

Out to him…

And like helpful strangers, his ears actually listened.

Giving back words of helpful advice,

Though, in having a bad day, I suppose, I kept talking…

Whining about friends and life,

Not absorbing or taking what he said into any consideration.

At least not at that instant…

But after we'd finished talking (or more like me going away)

I read something he had written to me about our conversation…

His words filled with emotions and I could tell he was annoyed by

My pessimistic talk from before yet I could tell he cared.

From his words I realized that those that get angry at you quickly,

Or for stupid reasons are the one's that care about you the most.

He said that we choose to be happy or sad and now I realize that

It's actually quite true.

We have one bad thing happen to us and then we think 'it's over'

But in all reality bad things are what remind you to keep going

And try harder at what you want. Nothing comes easy…

He listened, he spoke, he won.

And in this poem or note or whatever you'd like to think of this as

I'd like to thank him.

Thank You.