His colorless hair falls wildly over his face,
I've never seen it since I came to this place
He rocks backwards and forwards quietly
And I hear the hinges of the bed creak somberly.

I've called out to him but he never heard
He's lost, happy for once in his own world
It's funny how you don't see him at all
Just as you watched me but never saw me fall.

I always write between the lines in bright red
Knowing you couldn't see even if the letters bled
My vicious emotion killing them with my writing
As I try to show you someone here is dying.

I know soon, it'll be two people at the edge,
But you'll never notice me give my pledge
To him and the world over which he rules
So mightily he turns you all to fools.

But before I leave just hear what I have to say,
Listen once before I'm taken forever away
And think about what I mean, and bear in mind,
I now have no doubt this world is blind.