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It was really late.  Almost one in the morning, as I walked off into the kitchen to dump the last of the chips that I had been munching on; they now being mere crumbs after being enjoyed just a few hours earlier. 

I had to sigh.  It was hot.  It had been this way for the past four days now.  I loved it, honestly; but the pool looked like a great place to head out to right now.  And well, I didn't want to wake up the entire street; so my desires to swim were drowned out by the humid air; and slight whirring of the ceiling fan above me.

It's funny.  Just yesterday it was thundering and lightning outside; and the moon was orange.  Bright, bright orange.  Like the color of a great desert sunset.  That's the best image I can give.  Well, aside from the swirling mist that seemed to dance with it in the sky- making it look hazy.  But, tonight, it was back to it's normal silvery-yellow. 

It was still full; as through the trees- it looked like little pieces of golden fragments.  Just- treasures from the celestial heavens above.  Beautiful, really.  Enough to draw anyone with a love for nature into it.  And, to all of those that knew me- I was into nature.  I lived for it.  I loved it.  It was my solace.  My escape from not having a love.

Yeah, that's right, you heard me.  I'm single.  Yay.  Feel the excitement. 

I know, pretty pathetic to mope around about it, and such, huh?  But, if you knew about my past; and my experiences; you would understand; and probably mope too. 

I can't say my life has been all walks through the daisies, and all sunny skies.  In fact, they were just the opposite.  But, I won't get into that now.  I'm sure you're probably wanting to hear where I'm going with all this.  So, I'll grant your wishes, and tell you.

Hmm.  It's interesting how there is a full moon; and a clouded sky.  No stars whatsoever.  So a beacon of light, in a sky laced with dark clouds.  Sounds like my past.  I can really connect to the cosmos tonight.

You see, I guess I'm what you called 'cursed.'  I'm a ghost.  Yes, I'll admit it.  But, please, don't run off.  I'm not mean by any way; and I won't run up and try to scare you silly.  Only in the books and movies, dear reader.  Only in them.

In fact, I hide in the shadows, mostly; only emerging to those I trust in full; or at night.  I am not seen by most; and the fact that I am sitting down and writing this all for the world to see is beyond my very amazement.  But, life had taken a sudden twist, and turn.  And that, my friends, is why I had to get this all down before I went nuts.

Yes, I'm talking about him. 

The one that I had long forgotten.

That is…until this night.

I had to blink.  Ok, so I've had one too many drinks.  That's all right.  I've dealt with this before.  No big.  I'll just try my best not to crash into any walls.  Something I'm prone to in this state of mind. 

You see, long ago, myself and this wandering spirit had crossed paths; but not in a good way.  See, we went to the same school; him being one grade above me; and myself a mere seventh grader.  Wow.  It seems like so long ago that I went to school. 

But, I guess when you're dead, and when you've been dead for years; time seems to go by faster, versus if you're still alive, and still mortal.  I never understood the meaning behind that; but, whatever.  I was ok with it.   Right now it was the last thing on my mind.

The first thing you ask? 

Well, I'm getting to it. 

Be patient.

Anyway, his name was Jake.  And, well, he was as the masses would call 'homophobic.'  You know, those types that would mock and tease others for loving different. 

Yep.  You guessed it.  I'm also gay.  So, we have a ghost, who is gay, and cursed with darkness.  That's me. Take it or leave it, love me or hate me.  I cannot change myself for the image that society expects us all to place on; and I will not change myself for that.  I am who I am, and if you can't accept it- well, why are you still here?  Scram!  Away with thee!

And, I've gone off track.  My apologies, darlings. 

Anyway, I've heard the legends say that homophobes often make fun of gays or lesbians, because they're the same way, and too scared to admit it.  So, they smash the esteem of the ones that are the same to try and boost their overbearing egos.  And in this case, it was no different. 

How do I know?  Just trust me.  That will come as the story progresses.

I bet you're wondering many things- how did you die?  How does Jake fit into the picture?  What happened to make you want to forget?  Who are you exactly?

I'm glad you asked.  And, I'll be happy to tell you.  Kick back, and relax as I take you into my world.  It is me, and I will not hold back.  Know this before you venture on into the 'gates.' 

Now, that we have that cleared; come in, my darlings.  Step into my own little world, and learn the secret behind the one that stands before you today. 

People say I'm a mystery, and I guess I agree.  But, some say that mysteries can be solved.  Perhaps this will be true in my own case?  Time will tell me that one.

My name is Zoicite; and I am ready and willing to show you all there is to this dark and pained poltergeist.  It won't be pretty, and it certainly isn't all candy canes and lollipops. 

If you're looking for a 'Prince Charming, and Princess Beauty' story, then look someplace else.  Because my own is neither one of them.  It is not for the weakest of hearts.  It is me.  The one behind the veil.

Can you handle the truth?  The dark ember that sees behind every drop of sunlight?  The burning musk that lingers after a great fire?  The mystery that dwells deeper than the ocean blue?

If not, then it was nice talking to you while you were here.

If so, then step inside; join me.

Seek out the path to the Summit…

~More coming soon.  ^-^  I was going to make this all one big story; but; I think it would go better this way; and well; it's late, and I'm going to see where this chain of events leads to.  That will determine the ending.  To which, will happen in 3 more chapters.  It won't be long like the others.  Just something short and sweet, so to speak.  ^-^ Anyway, leave me some lovin', and make me a happy SQ!  You know you want to!  ^-^   3