Heaven will have its day
Melodies played at heavens tall gates
out of tune instruments where darkness awaits
With blood on the forehead of one who cried
with heavens master caught up so he lied
For as the corpses rot on your grave
what happens to those souls that you "save"
Has heaven stolen another innocent
Has former heaven stolen more life from the present
For once lived one soul who appreciated that smile
To which heaven answered "I'll have her in awhile"
So swiftly and brutally did heaven swoop down
The kind of evil that turned her smile to a frown
And as those melodies play so deep into the night
This promise to heaven that that one shant lose sight
Until the day of the heaven's master's return
To return what was stolen and for that shall he burn
All that was placed on that innocent's grave
was a rose so red but still couldn't save
Given in apology for being so blind
Believing stupidly that heaven was kind
Love is misery as misery is love
And yet it was asked who shot that dove
You paid for debts of sins others accrue
there still lives a man who will forever miss you