For Megan
By: Aunt Ashley
On an ordinary day,
They caused pain.
They got their wish.
Were they sane?
At the hospital
She layed.
For the life they made.
They crashed a tower
With their planes.
In Pennsylvania,
One hit a plain.
We sat waiting
Girl or boy?
Either one
A bundle of joy.
Another tower fell,
More lives taken.
The pentagon,
She went in labor,
Cesarean style,
We knew
It would be a while.
Secrets the schools kept.
From the children.
About the death
Of women and men.

She came out,
Bright as a pearl.
Now a mother,
To a sweet baby girl.
We looked at a TV.
Saw the news.
We thought
Movie reviews.
We found out
We were wrong.
That changed the tune
To our song.
The baby girl
Born that day
Loves to run around,
Jump and play.
She's a new big sis.
Two years old.
A baby brother
She likes to hold.
She knows nothing
Of her birthday.
Too young to understand,
What we'd say.
Until she is,
She'll be clueless.
She's only a baby.
A sweet little mess.
This is for Megan, my niece.
Angel of September
And no matter what
I will always remember.