Are you still there
I'm dying of weariness
Caught up in tears of nights gone by
Hollow my fears in your eyes
And let me see the light

Too long I've cried without hope
Wander alone in the blackest hole
See my eyes; the tears they cry
Screaming, "Please leave me here to die"

Suffocate me
Does my blood look breathable?
Caught up in veins of a face long gone
Make me scream in pain; it's all wrong
To myself I sing a song

Alone and so cold
One can still have hope
Afraid and so shamed
One can still have faith
My flesh is my death
One can still have breath
My jeer brings my tears
One can still have fears
(Chorus 3x)

Hide behind lies
Dying & crying &fighting
Dream behind screams
Deceiving & leaving & bleeding
Fight to survive
Lying & trying & hiding
Hide behind lies
Fighting & crying & dying