Blue and brown
Blonde and blue
Eyes of gold
Mysterious and alluring

Gold and white
Silver and gold
Shadows beneath
Eyes so bold

Lips, soft pink
Hands, soft brown
Bold and demanding
Cold and commanding

Lips proclaiming love
Devotion of a dove
The world in three words
Floating confidence, above

Embracing arms
Locked in love
Shuttering slightly
Showing nothing

Black and white
Simple as night
Showing a smile
A mock in denial

Red and gold
Black and blue
Releasing me
Finally from you

What if she tells
What if she's broken

I want to escape
But I can't run away

Look at what you've done
She can't see the sun

Bright orange dreams
Blue night screams

Of course, you never had a worry
With your frolics of sin
But didn't you know
You've stolen her gin