Sittin' On my Rock
All alone.
Sittin on my rock...
Off the highway,
Off my road.
Past my house,
Through the path,
By the creek,
In the middle of the pond.
I'm sittin on my rock.
All alone.
Looking to the sky.
For friendship?
With the clouds.
Staring at the trees.
To see their beauty...
To be like them.
Searching the creek.
For pretty jem scaled fish.
Listening to them sing.
So peaceful here.
No humans,
Just the babbling creek pixies.
And the Sky dragons forming clouds,
For my amusement.
And the Dryads dancing round my haven.
All alone here.
Within my madness.
Sittin on my rock,
Through the path.
Past my house,
Off the road,
Byond the highway.
Sittin on my rock.
All alone.