Darling girl, so fragile and weak
I find it hard to look in your eyes
Afraid my gaze might shatter them
No one wants to touch you
They're scared they'll cut themselves
On your terribly sharp edges

My pretty dolly, so pale and sick
Who would want to hold you?
They might catch your disease
Wash away your smudged makeup
Put some color on your cheeks
Just until your tears take it off

Precious baby, so scared and alone
You've got your own to support
Her hair is tangled and dirty
Like your insides
You need to clean yourselves up
Find her a Daddy to pay the rent

Lovely princess, so poor and lonely
Your fishnet stockings are ripped
Your auburn hair has lost it's shine
Crawl out of that hole you live in
Find another place to hide
Little Sally hates it there

Fair maiden, so thin and small
Hold on to what pride you have left
Tell your customers you've retired
Wash the filth from your skin
Shine with what you could have been
Be your daughter's super woman