A bored and lonely teen with her friends
Not expecting to find
A gorgeous boy with amazing qualities
And blue eyes that would haunt her mind

Flitting around from one place to another
Glancing around the place
Her friend liked a guy who liked her way too much
Probably just because of her flawless face

This boy's friend was affected by her friend's charm
The first words she heard him speak were "You're hot"
It was hard to pretend like she wasn't interested
So she looked away and acted like she was not

Every other weekend she would see him
Would joke about his looks with her friend
She plead "not guilty" when they accused her of liking him
But it was getting harder and harder to pretend

Then the big new years party came and went
It was the first time they talked one-on-one
That night she was giddy with the memories
She re-played their moments in her perfect night of fun

She remembers the countdown to midnight
How she looked up at his face
She wondered if he could see the joy in her eyes
If he had heard her heart quicken it's pace

Four months later they were closer
And were sitting together listening to some band
She remembers how beautiful he looked right then
And how badly she wanted to touch his hand

She had wanted to make sure it was real
Not some dream she often had
Where he would kiss her till her mouth chapped
And not one ending was ever bad

Then somehow, someway their lips met
She fell in love with him in that glance
He said the words she yearned to hear
And that moment her eyes danced

He became the first boy to ever make her smile
So big that her cheeks began to ache
Her shitty life was perfect just because he was there
And every word he said was a song she couldn't make

They talked and laughed endlessly
As she grew more and more attached
She fell in love but he fell out
Their feelings never quite matched

They never saw each other for stupid reasons
It affected them both in the same way
Then he became the first boy who ever made her cry
So hard that it was impossible to speak what she tried to say

.I still replay those precious memories
When everything was perfectly fine
And I often wish things turned out differently
I pray for the times when your heart was mine

And I still think back to the way you made the whole thing simply