Suffering through the perils of this land,
Saved time and time again, over and over.
Stumbling, slipping, falling,
Picking myself up again.
Fighting to find myself, to move beyond.
Found myself amongst it all.
Just when I learn who I am,
I leave it all behind.
Moving away from it all,
Starting again.
Everything I obtained here is left behind,
My life, my passions, my dreams,
My friends
A new beginning awaits me beyond the veiled horizon,
But everything I learned is here,
Everything worth living for is here.
My life, my love is here.
Protest falling upon deaf ears,
Words lost upon the wind.
Now here I stand between my past and my future,
Looking back at all I leave behind.
Salty tears splash down,
Hit the ground.
I turn away regretfully,
Abandoning so much of who
I was.