Every second
Every day

I pray
For a route to escape

The walls are close
And the time is long,
And there isn't an instant to feel.

Within the afternoon hours,
I have not the power,
To find the strength I need to survive

During the hourly seconds-
When the moon is rising
And the day is wholly dying

I pray
For light to give way
In the dark

Break apart the shadows of fear
And the monsters that dwell
Under my bed

For they scare off the peace
And kill off the sleep
In the night

Always to be wanting,
But never consider,
Never to know what is real
In life

I pray,
Someday in time,
Or someday
Give me the strength to carry on..

Let tears well up in my eyes,
But not let the anger subside,
I need to feel,
To know what is real.

If the pain doesn't eat me alive.