Get rich quick!
Stock market scams
And a steady decline
Of available work
Making the President,
Look bad
And it'd be so good
To be wealthy
Graduate, to the bourgeoisie
Just collect, your money,
At GO-----
And there's a place out there
Shining, with wealth
Paper will determine my options
Not to forget
My, morality....
Government's looking for
By waging war for oil
Indians are to blame
For my job being taken
Condemn those damn foreigners
And smite globalization
If you're not a chain
You're out of time
I'm dirt on the shoe
The only thing I know
About macroeconomics
Is that I can deny I
Know its meaning
I indulge tax cuts widely
Have the debt freeing
People's numbers in my
I move up
Or move down
And to strive for the former
There's discrimination
Of classes (and consequently races)
Head honchos
Whether via crime
Or several jobs
Everyone is trying to get their way
Or to subsist