'immersed in darkness'
'lost in pain'
'gone insane'
'losing grip'
the classic trip
of 'feeling lonely'
never knowing
what's to come
what's to be done
about this 'hell'
you seem to dwell in
won't pull out
wont even shout
for help
you love to live within
your 'broken skin'
your 'dirty soul'
it's getting old
to me
grow up
get real
just feel
the world
burn under your hands
learn how to land
safe on the ground
without making a scene
you're too green
to be old
to be cold
or be selling your soul
to unhappiness
you're the kind that i hate
with your grating and plastic
sadness, too dramatic
to ever gain my support
in your dreams
in your words
in your colourless worlds
of empty tears
and vapid fears
of "no-one cares"
and "it's not fair"
just swallow your pride
and live in the
reality of life
for fuck's sake.