As many of you know already, my name is ChaiThai. As an aspiring author and avid anime fan, I found it quite interesting how I got the chance to visit the annual Anime Expo show in Anaheim, California. I had it all set up, with a free ticket by working with my local anime store, Kawaii Anime. All I had to do was work for a few hours each day, and in exchange I get a 5 day 4 nights pass there.

I didn't really feel like going though. I mean, I had to take basically longer than a weekend out of my already busy schedule, which I couldn't really afford to do. But it was on my mind. I had a free way of getting there.

Then I talked to a friend I had met a few months ago. She posed a rather interesting question to me in mid June. Just for privacy's sake, lets just call her Bakahashi.

"Want to come to AX this year?"

That was pretty much why I decided to go. It took a month of waiting, but on the weekend of July 1st-5th, I was set to go to AX. It was supposed to be a fun, relaxing weekend. What I got instead was the most angst ridden, depressing, upsetting, emotionally stressful, unpredictable, tiring, entertaining, silly, fun, and just plain strange weekend I've ever had.

So why is the intro chapter so short? I decided to cut out what happened on Thursday, the dealer setup day. It wasn't anything particularly noteworthy, although I did stay up till 3 in the morning.

No, my really screwed up weekend started on Friday, July 2nd, 2004, at 6:00 in the morning, when I woke up under a desk.