I couldn't help to smile as I watched her through a window in the back of her home. Hiding in the bushes, I knew that was the great thing about night. It was dark and I knew well enough how to get around silently. She had no idea she was being watched. I could feel the rush of adrenaline as the thought crossed my mind.

Other thoughts raced through my mind. I had known her years ago. Her name was Jamie Davidson. I thought I had left the anger behind years ago, but, I was wrong. It was still here. Oh boy, was it still here. I just couldn't stand it anymore. The anger would never die and go away until I did something about it. If I didn't, it would just eat at me forever.

She was just another conceited wretch that had lived a so-called perfect life in her perfect world, stepping on people, that in her opinion, weren't good enough to even lay a finger on her car. It was time for little miss princess to learn that life wasn't always a bowl of cherries. I wouldn't allow her to hurt anybody else again like she had done to me before. No, she would never have that chance again. I would see to it. After all, people like that didn't deserve to live.

I gripped my baseball bat. Being caught by the police was not a major concern for me really. By the time anyone would discover her body, no definite connection to me could be made. Of course, I had to be careful not leave anything behind that pointed to me. As far as anyone else would be concerned, her boyfriend, who had just left, would be considered the primary suspect. Even if he was cleared eventually, I wouldn't be around to be blamed.

I looked at my watch. 8:32 p.m. I was tired of waiting. It was time I made my move. Making sure no one was around and that she wouldn't see me, I slowly entered through the unlocked window. I had seen her enter into the kitchen, so, I silently walked in while she had her back turned to me.

She jerked around, sensing something behind her. But, it was already too late. I raised my bat above her head and swung it as hard as I could towards her head.