The curtain rises,

All is still.

The theater is dark,

But a spotlight

Shines on the lone dancer,

A tiny silver snowflake

Posed, her back to the crowd.

No sound from the audience,

But she can feel,

Her heart beat rising,

As she waits...

The music begins,

Her arms reach

For heights unknown

She pours all of her

Emotion into her body,

When she goes up on

Her point shoes,

You can see it from

Where her shoes touch

The black of the stage

To the very tip

Of her fingers.

As the three beats

Of the waltz

String together,

Smooth and light,

She twirls along.

Fake snow falls around her,

Her little pink feet

Move so lightly

It looks as if

She herself is

A snowflake, drifting

Slowly and gracefully

Towards the ground.

Soon the music will end,

But the feeling

Expressed as she danced

Could never be forgotten.