The room has gone cold
My mind has an icy feel
Time doth stand still
My love for you is suffocation

Time doth break for me
The clock face knows my name
We are quite acquainted
From long ago, I hear you call out my name

Do you fear what I see?
I see you in the bloom of the flower
The rose that doth bloom only in your presence
Sweet love can't you see
I am lost without you beside me

The day I saw you die, it made me cry
Hand pressed against my thigh
Time stands still whenever you stand beside me
Time is more distant than the stars
It is like the farthest part
It soars, it floats, it's in my dreams
It dreams in teams of partial surreals
It cries when it dies and is then reborn
It turns in my mind of time well done
It tares, it squeaks of faceless ghosts
Who moan at me through thickened coats
Past murky moats they gloat
The damage done, what I've said can't be undone