+ + Sick + +
I'm sick and tired of what you've done-
Sick of all your ways.
Your selfishness haunts me
Throughout my living days.
You need to stop this torment
That you bestow on me and others,
It's not fair- what you're doing-
Pull your life out of the gutter.
I'm not saying this out of hate,
Or anger or for my benefit-
I'm telling you this for your good-
And I hope you'll listen to it.
Please turn around,
Do not go that road,
I am warning you-
Do not bear this load-
It will burden you
Throughout your days-
I'm here to pull you
Out of this dark haze
That clouds your mind,
I want to help you,
Please let me do so-
We'll find a way through.
Do not fret
When your fear comes to meet you,
I'll be there-
For all the things that friends do,
So come with me,
We'll conquer this-
Follow the good,
Take the path of bliss.