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- Seriously, Mom. You could do that elsewhere, Aubrey complained.

- Don't be so uptight, honey, the blonde in front of her retorted. You needn't walk in like that without knocking.

Aubrey took in the messy bathroom, the panting woman and the semi-naked man sitting on the toilet with slight disgust. It always amused Keenan when his girlfriend's mother reproached her of being too queasy about sex because that was hardly the truth. She was just not into watching her "elder self" in action.

Aubrey and her mother looked uncannily alike -no need to wonder from whom she held her angelic features. Their relationship was barely a mother-to-daughter one; the two were more like bitchy best friends who didn't mind backstabbing now and then but it suited their nature better than anything.

- What do you want?

- Just some money, Aubrey said.

- Take some from the jar in the kitchen. Where are you going?

- Out. Thanks Mom, I'll be back later.

Before leaving, Aubrey turned around with a light smirk on her face.

- Be safe, children! she teasingly said. Condoms are in the bottom left-hand drawer, we wouldn't want you to get pregnant, girl, would we now?

- And ruin my current life? No thanks!

Aubrey laughed at the typical response and quickly closed the door so her mother could resume to her previous activity. Stepping away from the muffled sounds, she raised an eyebrow at a seemingly pleased Keenan.

- That went well.

- As always when she's in the midst of fucking, Aubrey grinned.

- You look especially good today, Keenan appreciatively commented as he followed her down the stairs.

- I took especial care. I hope those two will be able to appreciate.

- I'd like to say they will but it seems like they're rather asexual.

Aubrey snorted in agreement as she helped herself to a substantial amount of change. Matthew and Faye gave a whole new meaning to the word "asexual". They were unbelievably innocent in a way, kind of like children. Speaking of…

- You sure you want to stop by there first? she asked as neutrally as possible.

- If you're so disgusted by my proposition, make another one, Keenan retorted.

- We could go to your place.

Keenan cringed. He had never clearly admitted to her he hated staying home. His house was huge, with plenty of things to do but he always felt like his parents were watching each and every one of his moves. Once, he had even checked the corners of each room to see if they hadn't installed cameras or microphones. Paranoid, that he was. But with parents such as his, he had reasons to be. They were anal about his frequentations. Luckily though, Aubrey's family was well-off and they didn't mind their relationship.

- They'll freak and think we're going to rape them if we go there, Keenan rationalised his way out.

She slowly smiled, licking her lips in thought.

- That doesn't actually sound like a bad idea, she voiced.

- Wouldn't have thought less of you, you slut.

- My, was that an insult?

- Hardly, he chuckled. My mind has been on repeat ever since we've met them. All I can think of is how I want to get them naked in my bed and draw them.

- While fucking? Aubrey teased.

Keenan grinned but didn't say anything.

- The slut and the voyeur. What a couple we make, she shook her head in fake despair.

- I don't even know what to say to that.

- Well, please get your wit back. You'll probably need it to handle Mister Aggressive Sarcasm. How much time have we left?

He checked his watch before leaning in for a kiss, tugging the hem of her skirt up.

- Twenty minutes.

Matthew opened the door on his side and looked around, blinking in surprise. Of all places, this was probably the last one he had expected. Not that he had tried to expect anything good out of the experience. Ever since he had climbed into Keenan's car, his attitude had been nothing short of hostile.

- The playground? he raised an eyebrow.

Oh God, another one who didn't approve. Aubrey quietly snickered as Keenan held back a grimace and slightly glared at the boy.

- What's so wrong about the playground?

- We're not four years-old, Matthew sharply pointed out.

- Oh, you wanted a more adult setting? Keenan countered, a bit pissed at the boy's negativity.

- You should've told us, darling, Aubrey pretended to coo.

Matthew didn't bother replying and walked off to join Faye on the monkey bars. He actually liked this place but only went with her at night and it really annoyed him to be around Keenan and Aubrey for the day. He couldn't wait for it to be over so he could tell them to get the fuck out of their lives. If being an asshole could help him out of their wanting his company, so be it.

He smiled despite himself as he came face to face with Faye, who was hanging upside down by her knees. He poked her nose with his finger and she lightly bit it before putting both of her hands on his shoulders and swinging down in a rather dangerous flip.

- Fucking hell, Keenan let out despite himself, impressed. Are you a gymnast or something?

She quizzically stared at him, shaking her head no.

- Too bad, I've always admired flexible girls, Aubrey sighed.

- Anything is possible if you can picture how to do it, Faye absently replied.

- Oh? Keenan smirked.

- Stop being such a pervert, Matthew scowled.

Anger was flashing in his eyes, which made the older boy muse on how it made him even more attractive. Matthew knew how to control it though. Kicking a rock in irritation, he stalked off to another area of the playground so he could cool down.

- Who said I was? Keenan called after him. You sure have a one-tracked mind.

- Do you mean you can achieve things only by will power? Aubrey asked Faye, intrigued.

- Who knows, the girl shrugged.

The concept perfectly summed up their wonky relationship and valued persistence, didn't it? For some reason, it pleased Aubrey immensely that Faye would say that.

- Interesting, she lingered on the thought.

- Not really, you should know when..

Distracted by Matthew, Faye trailed off and cut short to the conversation by following him to the swings. The dark-haired boy obligingly gave one big push in her back before seating himself on her left. She sighed in delight at the wind on her face as she swung her legs, pulling the chains of Matthew's swing along which made it harder for him not to fall off. And, God forbid, he was smiling.

Keenan and Aubrey shared a glance, slightly hesitating on whether the two were mildly retarded or just socially inept. Someone violently honking made them look to the street where a pretty woman was waving with wild arms from her car window.

- Do you know her? Aubrey wondered.

Keenan shook his head then nodded towards the other two. Faye was waving back and Matthew had his hand shyly raised in recognition.

- Seems like they do.

- Thank you, stator of the obvious, Aubrey rolled her eyes.

They watched as the woman abruptly swerved back on the street, barely avoiding hitting another car before horribly parking her vehicle sideways and skipping out to the swings in total blithe. My fuck, she was one horrid driver. The three chatted a while, Matthew vaguely pointing at the staring couple in the middle of the conversation.

Aubrey shrugged and took it upon herself to go and see what was going on, Keenan on her heels. The woman had been beckoning to them anyway.

- I'm Aubrey and this is Keenan.

- I'm Faye's mother, Céline, she introduced herself.

- What a beautiful name, Keenan charmingly smiled. Is it French?

Matthew quietly sneered, holding in his urge to gag.

- Yes, my parents were both from France, she replied, giggling a little as Keenan kissed her hand. It's always a pleasure to meet Faye's friends, she doesn't often bring them home.

- Siyamak's my only friend, Faye shrugged.

- That hurt, Keenan pretended to look offended.

Her daughter's remark didn't seem to daunt Céline, who continued beaming, although she slightly frowned at her for her want of tact. Aubrey shoved her boyfriend, now was the time to make a good impression and not to be a sarcastic asshole.

- Oooh! Mrs. Waybourne squealed out of the blue.

She wasn't Faye's mother for nothing, after all.

- Would you like to come for dinner tonight? she cheerfully proposed.

- Why.. Aubrey shot a look at Keenan who quickly nodded. Thank you, Mrs. We'd love to, if it isn't a bother, of course.

- Call me Céline! I just came back from grocery shopping so it won't be a problem at all. You might want to call your parents though. How about you, Matthew?

Matthew choked.

It took him a minute to find his inhaler and he took a hit, breathing deeply. Worried, Faye softly stroked his cheek to calm him down. She had trouble grasping why his mother's invitation affected him so but she understood it had something to do with the others' presence. Which made her resent it but it's not like she was aware she could do anything about it. Shit just happened in her world, she composed with that.

- Are you alright, dear? Céline queried, resting her hand on his shoulder.

- Thank you, I am, Matthew cleared his throat.

- You should be more careful when you swallow, Aubrey innocently remarked.

The boy glared at her with all the fury he could muster after losing his dignity in such a way. Thank God looks don't kill, she amusedly thought.

- Well, I'll leave you children now, Céline cheerily said. No need for an old woman like me to stay around when I've got a dinner to take care of. Faye will show you where we live, right?

- They know, she evasively replied.

Her mother's car turned the corner before either of them uttered a word.

Matthew was afraid he might end up punching Keenan if he did, as every word seemed to sum up the older boy's annoying sense of humour and Faye was too focused on the blades of grass at her feet to give thought to the silence they were maintaining.

Keenan and Aubrey were both inwardly rejoicing and, for a moment, they could only think of their luck. They needed a plan, though.

- How about we drop you off and meet you later? Keenan proposed.

- Good idea, Matthew shortly said.

He was right but he would've kept quiet if he had known it was going to turn out into a very bad one.

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