Title: A Stone Thrown in the Ceiling Fan Feeling
Author: Heather P.

I know how it is to be alone,
To be quiet and solitary,
And sometimes I like it.
I also know how to be lonely,
To be empty and friendless,
Even if there are dozens of people around,
Who love me.

I know I'm not really ever alone,
And that I'm wanted somehow,
But it's hard to remember that sometimes,
When everything else is so messed up,
And I'm feelin' like old stone,
Battered and pressed into the ground,
Acting as a lump of sorts.

When I'm alone,
Staring away the minutes and counting the
Circulating movements of my ceiling fan,
Time seems forever and endlessly lonesome.
Sometimes I smile at the thought,
Sometimes I cry at the feeling,
Always I wish I wasn't so alone,
Like I am right now.