A/N- This is our new story! Yay. Uh I think you can expect Chapter 1 in like five minutes so uh yeah…. Please review! Prologue His Majesty, King Aliex Kanerent, stood next to his wife, Her Majesty, Queen Treea Kanerent of Yonubreth. He followed her gaze to the battlefield below.

"It's time," he said gravely, looking down at the bundle in his arms as it stirred.

"Must we really do this? Is it truly necessary?" A tear rolled down the queen's cheek.

"I'm afraid so." He sighed. "Don't worry. One day, she will come back to us. Until then, we will just have to hope that Remembrance Treea Matthews will grow up to be a wonderful person."

"I suppose you are right..." She leaned down and kissed the little girl on the forehead.

The babys eyes flew open.  They were a splendid violet with a lighter shade of purple tracing along the inside.  She smiled up at her mother and grabbed one of the queens dark brown ringlets, so much like the wisps upon her own head.  The queen gently pulled the curl of hair away from the tiny fist.  She gently unhooked the necklace from around her neck and clasped it around the tiny neck of Princess Remembrance Treea Kanerent, or Remembrance Treea Mathews as her name now was.  Together, the rulers of Shaethen turned towards the portal before them.  Its silvery cover swirled into a rainbow of colors for a moment before it cleared.  Before them stood a family they had chosen to take their baby girl and protect her.  The family disappeared and was replaced with their home.  Queen Treea stepped through the portal and laid the bundle on the front steps with a letter tucked inside.  King Aliex rang the doorbell and the two monarchs disappeared as the front door opened and the night was filled with the cries of a beautiful baby girl.