Chapter 4: Misunderstandings Annoying Guys A Beautiful Friendship

Ariel's POV

I teleported back into my room and groaned. I really didn't want to deal with Ryan right now. I didn't want to deal with any males right now. But I know he sensed me so there's no turning back. I pulled a baseball cap over my head so he couldn't read the expressions on my face and I was too exhausted to let him into my head. I hoisted myself onto the top of my bureau and waited.

"Hey," Ryan leaned against the doorknob and gave me a worried look, "You okay?"

I refrained from rolling my eyes and replied, "I believe I should be asking you that question."

He scratched his head, "I got a new room mate."

I raised my eyebrows, "Really? Especially after what happened with your last one?"

"Yeah…and this one might be worse."

I laughed, "How can it be worse?"

"It's a girl."

I stared at him, "What?! A girl?!"

"What are you deaf?!" he yelled, "Yes a girl!"

"Well, no need to yell," I said sweetly, "Did you go see the Headmaster?"

"No," he said sullenly, "Something else happened."

"Oh gods, what?" I asked.

"I was kinda, um, checking her out and she slapped me and slammed the door in my face…"

"Yeah, but you deserved that," I pointed out.

"I know, I know," he said in frustration, "But her hand didn't touch the door when she slammed it!"

"Ooo," I wiggled my eyebrows even though he couldn't see them, "A witch!"

"Ariel," he scowled warningly.

"C'mon," I held my hands out to him, "I want to meet her! Give me a piggy back ride, it's good exercise for you."

He rolled his eyes but allowed me a ride to 'The Shorz'.

"So, where were you? I felt you teleport back to your room but I was just planning on waiting," he asked.

"Oh, Brandon needed me to come over for something really important," I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Really? He didn't say anything to me," Ryan said in confusion.

"I think he needed a woman's opinion," I replied quietly.

"I see. So you going to tell me what it is he needed a woman's opinion for?"

"He'll tell you tomorrow if you go and visit him," I replied with a smirk.

I jumped off Ryan's back to let him open the door and was grateful I had come up with him. Even though all his basketball buds knew I wasn't "up for grabs", if I came here by myself I'd be hit on so many times I would have a bruise the next morning.

Ryan put an arm around my shoulders and led me into his dorm.

All dorms have the basic set up. You walk in and there's a sitting area with some couches, a coffee table and a t.v. Beyond that is the bathroom shared by the two living in the room. There's a bedroom each on the left and right of the sitting area. Ryan is one of the lucky ones who have rooms facing the ocean and, therefore, each room has a balcony too. But of course, luck runs in the family.

Ryan nodded his head in the direction of the left bedroom. We walked over and I knocked.

"Fuck you," she said sweetly.

"I like her all ready," I whispered. Ryan knocked again.

"What the fuck do you want?" she pulled the door open. I saw her assess me and I don't think she was all too pleased. So sue me if I look really bitchy!

"Hi, I'm Ariel," I said cheerfully.

She raised an eyebrow, "Remembrance Mathews."

"Ryan and the pleasure is definitely not mine," my little brother replied. I kicked him lightly.

"Don't mind Ryan, he can be an ass at times," I said.

"Right," Remembrance didn't seem like she wanted to talk all that much.

"Oh hey I love that song!" I tilted my head and listened to some of Ashlee's Simpson's Piece's of Me.

"I don't think she can sing but I still like this song," I continued.

Remembrance opened her mouth and I think she was about to agree but changed her mind at the last minute. What she said next was the most hysterical thing I've ever heard!

She looked between Ryan and me and asked me, "So you're his girlfriend?"

Remembrance's Point of View

I walked around the dorm room slowly, taking everything in. In the main room there were two couches and a love seat. All three were blue.

Bleh, so unoriginal. I'm gonna have to fix this!

Then there was a small coffee table and a very large television, complete with a DVD player and every game system in the world. There were speakers in various corners of the room. I had already seen the bathroom, which by the way, was huge. It was my favorite part of the dorm. The only room I hadn't seen was my roommates bedroom. I started to walk towards it and put my hand in the doorknob.

I was about to turn it when I heard someone start to open the door leading to the hall. I stepped back quickly and turned to the door.

Oh crap, I thought. He's back!

I ran into my room and shut the door. I grabbed a book from my small shelf at the foot of my bed and pretended to be reading.

I minute later there was a knock at my door. I smiled to myself and sweetly said, "Fuck you."

I heard something whispered as another knock sounded. I sighed and stood up slowly walking to the door. I pulled it open fast, "What the fuck do you want!"

I was surprised to see a girl standing there with my roommate.. I looked her over. She looked like the typical private school bitch. She had on the school uniform and had a hat pulled over her hair and shadowing her face. Even with the hat, I could see she was smiling.

Just peachy. I thought. Now I get to meet his dumb cheerleader girlfriend.

"Hi, I'm Ariel!" she said in an extremely high and upbeat voice.

I raised an eyebrow, quite annoyed already. "Remembrance Mathews."

Then my roommate spoke up (I had forgotten about him), "Ryan and the pleasure is definitely not mine."

I saw Ariel kick him slightly out of the corner of my eye. Great, they probably want me to be part of there little prep school club.

"Don't mind Ryan," Ariel spoke up. "He can be an ass at times."

"Right," God! Are they ever gonna leave!?

All of the sudden she perked up even more, if that's possible!
" Oh hey I love that song!" she tilted her head towards the stereo that was blasting my Ashlee Simpson CD. The song was Pieces of me. She continued on, "I don't think she can sing but I like the song."

I started to say that that was my opinion exactly but then I thought better of it. I can't start agreeing with them or they might think I want to be friends with them or something. So instead I looked at the two of them and asked, "So you're his girlfriend?"

They both burst out laughing. Oh no, they're crazy too.

They stopped laughing for a moment, then looked at each other and started up again. I looked up at the ceiling in exasperation and began to close the door.

"Wait," Ariel gasped and stopped the door with her hand, "You don't get it."

"Get what?" I asked reluctantly.

Ariel pulled off her baseball cap.

I blinked and looked at Ryan. Then I turned to Ariel. I looked back at Ryan, then blinked again.

"You're…you're…" I tried.

"...twins," Ariel supplied with a grin.

"Oh wow…" I felt really stupid.

Ryan rolled his eyes and turned impatiently to his sister, "Can we go now?"

"And you probably thought I was a preppy cheerleader right?" Ariel asked, completely ignoring Ryan.


"Mm-hmm," she just grinned and looked past me into my room, "Wow, this is so bland! You really should do something with it! This whole dorm is boring. Of course, Ryan never lets me touch anything here but he can't refuse you…"

"Hey!" he protested, "I can too!"

"I have some ideas," I said, a smiling slowly spreading on my face. Ariel seemed just as eager to annoy Ryan as I was…

"Cool! Can I come in?" she asked, grinning even wider.

"Ariel!" Ryan whined, "You were here to talk with me remember???"

"Was I?" she looked at him blankly and stepped into my room, "I'm sorry but I seem to have slight amnesia," she wiggled her fingers at him, "By brother dearest!"

She slammed the door in his face.

Yep, I definitely liked this girl.

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