Ugly Silhouettes and Malicious Voices

Shadows and silhouettes shift and contort the walls above your bed,

You hear as they whisper to each other...

It's the voices again...

Don't listen to them,

Pulsing like a child's bloody nightmare.

They are telling you to kill...

You pull up your covers to your chin,

Tremors threatening to crack your skull.

Silent tears roll down your cheeks,

Why can't they just go away?

Leave me alone, you scream,

But they laugh at you,

Deaf to your shrieking hatred.

You clutch the covers,

Blood beginning to flow from the palms of your hands,

You are determined not to fall.

If you fall,

The floor will open,

Swallowing you into the pit of despair.

And I have sinned badly,

You think to yourself,

And my soul shall pay.

But not yet...

You want to live longer,

You can't pay yet,

You already listened to the voices before,

It only brought you into anguish.

You can still hear the screams,

The splatter of blood across your face,

It still burns me.

Don't listen to the voices again...

They brought you to this place of horror,

Where more voices try to entice you,

Only to have you yelling...

Bystanders leave me in the dark,


In the cold...

Tears fall from your eyes more profusely,

Realization comes...

But I can't go to the shadows.

Not again,

Won't they swallow you?

Falling into oblivion,

Your soul burned to pieces...

No more existence.

Go... Go...

The whispers consume your mind,

Pain fills your head,


You are forced to the shadows...

You wince...

But don't fall.

You see the corpse,

Of a girl,

Once full of life,

Now empty, nothing,

Cold, vacant eyes staring into naught...

Gore at her throat,

Where you slit it.

And there sits the menacing knife,

You spot rust...

Forming beneath blood and skin.

Then you look up to the girl,

The other one...

The one that is alive.

Cowering in a corner,

Tears and sweat rolling down her cheeks.

Both of fear.


You whimper again.

You can kill her,

Whisper the voices,


You scream,

Clutching your ears.

The cowering girl moans.

Go on...

Do it,

The voices say,

You hear the threat underneath.


 You scream again,

Grabbing the knife,

You run to the girl,

She screams...

And you cut the bindings,


 You yell,

Go home.

She pauses looking at you in uncertainty,

Again you yell, Go!

She runs out the door.

When she's gone,

You take up the knife,

And stare at it.

You hear the voices yelling...

And you don't listen.

You bring the knife to your wrists,

And let the blood run down...

Feeling triumph...

Until it's total blackness...

Freedom of slipping away.