NOTE: the italics do not show. I do not know why. but whenever there is a thinking sequence in the person's head. it's in italics. so just keep that in mind.

Chapter 1

Ring, Ring! Sounds of the doorbell. I turned over to my other side. Ring, Ring! I spurted out a loud high pitched mumble. Damnit, stop it. sleep.
"Hey Ho!" someone yelled from outside.
That gave me a wake up call. My eyes snapped wide open, breaking off the crust on my eyes, pulling some of my eyelashes off, to see Andrew's beautifullishly, colorful eyes staring back at me. Then I took a quick glance at all the pictures on my wall. They were all of my friends, and good times we had. I jumped spastically out of bed on to my feet, pulling some of my blanket with me.
I swallowed my spit, to wet my throat, then cleared my throat. "Wait hold on, I'm coming," I yelled out the window.
I took my black glasses off the nightstand, with my multicolored plasma lamp still on, and my radio still jamming. I put on my glasses and walked over to the window. I looked outside, and everyone was waiting for me impatiently.
"Eric get your ass outside now, you said 11," Andrew said.
"What? I just woke up, gimme a min. Crap it is 11, my bad. Coming master," I replied.
I looked out the window for an extra second. Everyone was outside waiting for me, Andrew, Vito, Alyssa, Shannon, Alysser, stupid Asian bitch aka Chloe. Like the dumb ass that I am, I forgot to wake up. Good 14 hours of sleep though.
With that thought, I started frantically putting on my pants. Can't go outside only in boxers. I slapped on a pair of camouflage pants, and a black t shirt that says, "Can't go to sleep or the aliens will probe me, can't go to sleep or the aliens will probe me." Put on my watch, secure belt around my waste, snap the button on my chain wallet, into the pocket it goes, grab my cell phone off the charger, my jumble of random stuff key chain, and put on my little alien symbol pendent made out of paper clips. Then I grabbed random socks out of my drawer, and put them on while hopping to the bathroom on one foot, and holding on to the other sock in my mouth. Then after that I soaked a wash cloth in freezing cold water n wiped it all over my face and hair, and whoosh, out I go down the stairs, put on my sneakers, and out the door I go.
When I was outside, everyone was impatiently waiting for me. They were giving me that, "sigh. very disappointed in you look." Then I noticed what was missing in the picture, the football. So then I took out my keys unlocked the door again, grabbed the football from the bottom of the stairs, and closed the door again.
"Finally took you long enough," Alysser said. She was wearing a black top and a new pair of jeans, very pretty as usual.
"Hey, everybody," I replied.
"Common let's go already," said Vito.
With that the seven of us started walking out of the court, across the street to the parking lot, and into the field. When we got there, we made teams, Andrew, Alyssa, and I, against, Vito, Alysser, Shannon, and Chloe. Then while the other team started to walk to the other side of the field so that we can hike them the ball, the three of us played a little bit of catch.
"Hey Alyssa. How was your last 2 weeks?" I asked, trying to start up a conversation. I missed her a lot, I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. Wow, you look really nice today.
"Ummm. it was fun. I went to a show with Brent, and Chris," Alyssa replied smiling back.
Alyssa was one of those crushes that never go away. Even though you stop liking them like that, feelings are always there. She was really pretty, cool, and just a tad bit off, that's why I liked her. She was very punky, and spunky. She was wearing jeans, with a metal spiked belt, a black Dickies shirt, and plenty of contraptions around her wrist. She also had her hair down today, instead of in the pigtails.
Andrew here was Master. He is so sexy and very attractive. I love it when he wets his hair, looks very nice on him. He also has like the deepest and most beautiful eyes out of anyone I know. His eyes changes colors with his emotions. Also the weather goes around by his emotions. One time when he got very angry, it began to rain, while it was sunny.
He was going to save us all one day when the aliens attack. I built a cult around him with him as the top man, and me in second, after all I did create the cult. Got around, 52 people or so. Not half bad for a fighting force that is going to have to take down couple million or so aliens. The invasion date was supposed to be December 21 2012. Not that much time to prepare. 8 years and 99 days left. I keep a tiny countdown clock in my head to remember these things. Along in this process of cultism, I became his loyal servant and protector. Not so much protector because most of the time he saves me, 10 times by now, all from almost getting hit by a car. We think of my service, as part of a life debt to him. I have no problem with it, he treats me pretty good for a slave. People think I'm whipped in that way, but I don't really care, because I'm just that stubborn.
"Hike!" Vito shouted from the other end of the field.
"Let me throw it," Alyssa asked quickly, snapping into attention.
So Andrew quickly tossed her over the ball, and she threw it with all her might. Just as she threw it I sprinted out as fast as I could. It was like a train. The ball bounced once on the grass and hit Chloe in the leg, and she also missed that ball terribly. Vito on the other hand, quickly rebounded and caught the ball. But I was already on top of him before he could take a step. I grabbed him around the neck, but he wouldn't go down, because he was just that much heavier than me. Then Alyssa came in and grabbed on too. Then Vito fell with a thud. I was on top of him, so I took the opportunity to start humping him while he was on the floor. He tried to push me off vigorously, and yell at me. I got up, and helped my little brother up.
Vito and Alysser, are like my brother and sister. I knew them since they were born. Those two are technically, genetically related, but we are related at heart. I even call their grandparents, "Nana" and "Papa" but every kind of does. But the point is, the love is there.
Alysser is like my best friend. She listens to all my problems, and is always there for me, she also knows me better than I know myself. Actually everyone knows you better than you. She was very pretty, especially with her very nice long brown hair, but she never thinks she is. She is antisocial, with not that many friends, but what she lacks in quantity, she makes up in quality. She is about an inch or so shorter than me. I've grown quite a lot in the last 2 years. We are practically the same people in many ways. We both love the same music, way of dressing, artistic tastes, and much more. She is a great artist. She even painted me a painting that I hang on my wall in my room.
Vito is very emo. He is 3 years younger than me, but he acts like our age. Hell, he's more mature than I am. Got that from Andrew's side. He is such a copy cat mostly of Andrew, but we all still love him. He has this teddy bear, huggable, I can't hate you forever type of way with him. He always wears some sort of Orange County Choppers apparel. Even now he is. I'm still waiting for the day that he gets OCC boxers, that would be a great day.
"Alyssa you count," Andrew ordered, then gave her the ball.
"I got. bitch," I said pointing at her. She gave me a dirty evil look.
"Fine I got Alysser and Shannon, split if we need to," Andrew replied.
"Yes master," I replied back.
"Hike!" Vito shouted. He was the quarterback, since no one else on his team could throw. Well that's not entirely true, Shannon can throw pretty well, but well, Vito's just lazy.
Everyone started running. I let some space between Chloe and I, to help out Andrew towards the front with Alysser and Shannon. Then Vito threw the ball. Just a tad bit wobbly, but still better than couple years ago. He threw it to Chloe. So then I started running towards her frantically. Like the dumb Asian that she is, she forgot to look back, and the ball hit her right on the head. Blasted brilliant accuracy on Vito's part he deserves 5 claps for that. The ball bounced off her head, and luckily, it bounced right in front of me. So I just reached out with my hands and caught it, stumbling just a tad. Then I shifted my momentum to the opposite direction and started running. Andrew gave me a good block from Shannon, but Alysser got me. The nails, o, the nails, with the digging, and the slashing, and the owwiskabudals. Then with that distraction, Vito got up the field, and tackled us both down. All three of us went down. When everyone got off me of me, I was laughing hysterically from the pain of the nails, and the tackle.
"Good job," Alyssa said, giving me a hand to get up.
When I got to Vito, I said, "Nice throw, I give it 5 claps," and I clapped 5 times. Then we did our high five where we just miss and spin around in circles.
"I'm in," I said, as everyone got into formation. "Andrew, flyby, Alyssa, pole. Hike!"
Then Alysser tossed me the ball. Then I waited for 3 seconds, and then threw the ball to Andrew. Almost perfectly spiral, and a tad bit over to the right. No problem for Andrew though, he can catch practically anything I throw to him. And he did catch it.
"Wooo! Touchdown!" I screamed. Then I ran up to Andrew, and tried to give him a high five with the ball, but he quickly retracted his hands like he usually does. Denied.
Then I looked up in the sky as I usually do every so often. It was a force of habit, make sure my environment is clear of hostiles. There's a plane, and another plane, nothing much out of the ordinary. Then I saw this star out in the wild blue yonder that we call the sky. That was peculiar a star bright enough to be seen in the day, strange. So I pointed it out to master.
"Geez, you worry way too much. It's probably nothing, relax," Andrew replied.
On the other side of the field, Vito yelled, "Oh my god Alysser, how could you let catch that?"
"Yeah Alysser you penis breath," Shannon added, punching Alysser hard in the arm. Alysser's eyes bulged out, and punched back, and they began hitting each other. Andrew and I just laughed to ourselves on the other side of the field.
"Well it's not my fault," Alysser screamed back.
"You know what, your right for once." Wait. Did Vito just not blame his sister? He looked the other way, his face beat red, and yelled, "Chloe! You should've helped, instead of just standing there staring at Andrew's ass."
"A whaaa!? Oh my god, you know what Vito, you're a bastard."
"Wow, I'm a bastard. I am so hurt by that," Vito said sarcastically, clinching his heart.
"Bastard," Chloe said under her breath.
"Enough of this, both of you. Stop already," Shannon said, ending the argument, and giving Alysser one last punch.
Shannon was the most normal one out of all of us. She was also very pretty, with dirty blonde hair. She's like one of those people who are friends with everyone from different groups. The strange thing is that, I didn't know that we were friends until she told me just a couple months ago. Apparently, we've been friends for like a couple of years. But I thought she hated me because of the way I behaved at Jersey Shore.
Chloe, or Bitch as we like to call her, I just hate with a passion, her more than other Asians. I don't like Asians. I just don't, I have my reasons, and for some reason, people find that very strange. In my opinion, she is fat, ugly, with a swollen flat face, that's not the only thing that's flat on her body, and is one of those fat people, who don't know that their fat. So they wear slutty clothes, not knowing that their fat.
"Will you guys say hike already?" I screamed over.
"Fine! Hike," Chloe replied angrily.
So, we played on maybe for around another 15 minutes or so. My team won, 7 to 4. They put up a good fight at the end. Most of it was due to me, because I hurt my thumb again. My thumb is disfigured because of a football related accident last Halloween. The bone sticks out of my thumb. Anytime I hit my thumb straight in, it starts to spasm, and hurts. One of the only few pains I have ever really felt.
So we all went into the park next to the field. I climbed the pole on the big kids swing like the little monkey I am, and sat on the top, like king of the playground. While that I watched Alysser and Shannon go on the swing, talking about the trip to Monauk. Chloe sitting on the floor next to them, just nodding and agreeing with them on everything. Andrew was laying down on the bottom of the slide, relaxing, and listening to music. Vito was on the bench sitting by himself, trying to act cool, by acting antisocial. And Alyssa spinning herself on the merry go round, hair flying everywhere.
We weren't talking much, mainly because we were resting up. So I just leaned back on the narrow yellow pole of the swing, and lied there. Then I looked up at the sky. It seemed so blue, and infinite. Then I looked in the direction of the star I saw before. It was the strangest thing I ever saw.