The warm summer day was finally coming to an end, as Sean watched alone from the top of a fully-grown Elm tree inside Central Park. The sun dipped down behind the trees, and soon enough, all the light had been sucked away from the sky, taking away the fiery colors of dusk and replacing them with depressing and dark feelings. The sky was soon black, but alas, in the far right of Sean's eyes he could see the crescent moon, and it was almost that time of the month again, the time for the Lunar Month to begin, where there would be no moon at all. Sean couldn't say that he enjoyed this time, as the moon was a source of power to him, a sort of alcohol to his Drunken Boxer, a katana to his Samurai, and so on.

The tree rustled as Sean dropped down from it, sending small twigs and acorns cracking and chasing after him in an angry rush. The park was rather quiet, but then again, it was nearing nighttime and only the clinical insane would dare be in a dark place such as this at nighttime, especially in somewhere like New York City. However, Sean strayed from the normal path, refusing to walk along the cement and concrete, and headed off into the restricted areas, where he could wonder around without having anyone, or anything for that matter, distract him.

Eventually, he found himself in the Zoo, closed of course. But this is what he wanted, he was seeking this place, he could feel it. He wondered through, looking into pens and looking through glass, but most of the time he saw nothing, unless there were a few sleeping animals. Then he heard it, it was faint, but he could hear the howl coming from deep inside of the Zoo. Running now, he took off after the phantom wolf's call, as if it was beckoning him and him alone to come.

Sean turned a corner and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the moonlit silver wolf, sitting in front of him, staring him dead on. With hesitation, Sean begun to walk forward, but the wolf didn't budge nor run, nor bare teeth or show signs of any hostility. Sean closed up on him, until he was no more then a few feet away. Then, he heard a crash, or footsteps, some sort of noise that beckoned his attention yet again, and so he turned quickly, only to see nothing and hear nothing more. Yet as he turned around to the wolf, he was gone, only wisps of white wind in the silver moonlight...