Once upon a clouded night Two lovers wondered in fright She begged him please, it wasn't right But he was sure, and he had a light She was scared, but he had a light

Evil lurked through these woods She could sense it, but they would Continue walking, never talking All the while he would be stalking Watching with beady eyes, yellow of fireflies

And so he sat, in the trees She begged him listen please "Listen to the rustling leaves Someone is in there waiting." "Fairy tales" He said, "Stop debating."

On and on, the trail did wind Then a clearing, they did find "We'll sleep here for the night." "Are you sure, we will we be all right?" "Sure as sure, just end this fight."

To rest they then went, with merry dreams Or at least that is what it seemed For someone oblivious to the scheme Someone cold, someone who was deeming For a night to cause people screaming

Awoken in a panic-like state Sweat dripped down a face irate "Your right, I'm sorry, I was wrong!" He did confess, but it wouldn't be long The creature had been stirred, boy be gone

Without much hesitation The girl took his invitation Out the tent, she did wander In her head, thoughts were pondered "Where is this beast?" Heartbeat like thunder

She turned around quickly, only to face An unforeseen challenge, and now a race Faster and faster, like the tears on her face Out of the woods in a flash, "I didn't lose!" Her eyes went back to the woods, "Choose...?"

The beast was now agitated Arrived there, not soon, but after She had left him, now alone On the ground wept the clone But no longer did the moonlight shone

Claws returned and fur was shed Finally back, in his own head He found her, not far away Crying since the dawn of day "I missed you badly!" She did say

But he only grinned and kissed her brow "It is alright my love, I'm here now." Smiling, she looked up at him But alas the moonlight, even so dim Now shone down on him, once again