It was four years ago, on this day
I fell in love with a girl, with no delay
I immediately found out her name
But I took to shame
Waiting nearly 3 years just to speak with her
All those years, they are just a blur
But now that I know her, and we are friends
I'll love her dearly, until the end
Even if I never receive the love I gave
I'll stand by her, to the grave
It may not mean much; I'm not worth it I guess
I'm far from worst, and not nearly the best
But when it comes down to the very last straws
It must of just been luck of the draw
I was so close, so ready to taste those lips
I forgot the importance, focused on her hips
Maybe that's why I failed, why I lose my way
Even though it took me more then a day
I know now, better then ever
Though I knew not then, never
Shall I forget, the name of her I love
The one I'll remember when above
And just when I'm gonna
I'll say that I love you Auna...