Just conferred with the businessmen
Down at Lockeed HQ
No more indecision
Says we
It's time for the big boom!
We'll recruit the homeless
For our work
The poor women
To stitch our flags
Fleet to our propaganda
As the terrorists are going to
Look at our economy grow
Our Arab hating posterity
But no more need for
Hand-to-hand combat
In our conquest to
Introduce liberty
Either you're our ally
Or your not
And you don't want to be
Hiroshima all over again
Capitalist crusade
You hade it coming for you
As our oil contractors invade
Your indigenous soil
Be happy with this life
Or we'll liberate you more!
The leftists will moan
The centrists will groan
But no more unsteady vacillations
Everything pointed in this direction
No more sloppy opinions
Is it really all that outlandish?
You'll be safer
You'll be faker
Just look along with half-reverence
As we Nuc the world