The woods laid in a quiet slumber, as Sean passed through, looking around the path he walked upon, he saw nothing, nothing but darkness. If there was light, it would show an amazingly twisted variety of trees and vines, tangled bushes and shrubbery, encasing and hiding all kinds of strange creatures. Sean's feet scraped against the ground uneasily, as he felt anything but safe traveling through a dark and dreary place such as this, especially as night time. Even though, the daytime showed no signs of improvement among the black coldness through the massive forest, it was much safer to be in a place such as this during the day then it was to be at night.

Then, he began to hear noise, as if there was someone following him, footsteps matching his, his sharp hearing could tell there was someone, someone was there. His walk suddenly morphed into an all-out sprint, Sean didn't know how far he had been walking, but he assumed he was nearing the end of the woods. Further and further Sean ran, until he finally stopped hearing the thudding footsteps behind him. It was must have been just an ordinary person, probably out to mug him, unlikely for them, they didn't know Sean was so fast, or perceptive for that matter.

With his heart pounding, Sean continued walking at his normal pace; occasionally stopping to listen to the air, feeling the vibrations on the ground, but it seemed that the person, or thing, had stopped chasing him for good. Sean breathed a sigh of relief, and continued his walk. Suddenly, as he looked around a bend, he saw an opening, he saw light. Taking off for it, in hopes that he had finally reached the end, Sean ran fast as he could past the thinning out trees. However, as he neared the opening, he caught his pant-leg on a torn out tree root, and went sailing over the ground, hitting it and rolling out into the opening he had been chasing.

His eyes opened slowly, as he was not accustom to the blinding light that now seared into his eyes, as he had been out of the light for quite some time now (almost three days to be exact). When his eyesight finally adapted to having light once more, he realized that he was in a small clearing, filled with glowing Lunar Flowers. His jaw dropped at the beautiful sight of the glowing moon flowers, and he wondered, had he finally found it? Was this the paradise that he had been seeking for so long? Then he heard a growl.

Sean turned around, standing up slowly and now stared into the glaring blue eyes of a black wolf. Instead of fleeing, Sean growled back at the wolf, "What do you want, you stray?" The wolf backed up, closing its glaring blue eyes and masked himself in the darkness of the trail he had exited from, Sean grinned, "That's right, run away." But Sean was wrong, for almost as soon as the wolf disappeared, a guy about the same age as himself emerged, wearing a leather jacket the same color as the wolf's black fur, his eyes the same color as the wolf's.

"Who are you, and why are you here?" The man asked, never taking his eyes off Sean. "What business is it to you?" Sean replied, clearly irritated by the man's presence. "This is my garden, these are my Lunar Flowers, and you are not allowed here." He growled in response. "Tck, like I was going to stay anyway." Sean said, waving his hand at the guy as he turned and begun to walk away, stomping down on a flower right before he exited through the trail opposite his new friend. A howl rang through Sean's ears and he dove sideways, just narrowly avoiding the jaws of an infuriated black wolf.

The black wolf turned to the side, preparing for another attack, but immediately jumped backwards, as a dark-brown wolf leapt for his throat. The brown wolf took off running towards the black, fangs bared and ready to snap, but the black wolf wouldn't flee, and ran towards the brown wolf as well. The two collided in mid-air, snapping at each others legs and throats, cutting and ripping each others bodies up as they wrestled across the Lunar Flowers. The battle ended about twenty minutes later, both wolves lying bleeding and wounded among the crushed Lunar Flowers. "Who are you...?" The leather-jacket boy asked while holding his bleeding arm. "...Sean." And they fell down, unconscious.