They ran and ran down the tunnel, sprinting and dashing, trying their hardest to elude the canines that pursued them so swiftly. A turn finally came, and everyone flew around it, and directly into a giant grate, which closed off the sewer from the outside, and right under it, a sewer waterfall, flowing right into another ditch like the other side. Thinking fast, Dylan looked down at the water, and saw that the grate only went down about three feet, because for some reason, the water was a lot deeper here, and knowing what they had to do, as nasty as it was, dove right in.

The foursome flew out of the waterfall, cascading down the fall in repetition, disrupting the water into giant splashes one by one as they landed. Once on land, they took a quick look at their surroundings, and realize they had gone in a complete circle, the sewer they entered from was not even ten feet away from them now. Realizing their mistake, Dylan was the first to jump onto the land and take off running, heading back into the city, leading everyone to the unknown. He could have been leading them to their deaths, but they had to follow someone.

The city was alert and alive with the sound of police sirens and guns being loaded. The foursome slowly edged their way down dark alleys, and past police officers that looked like they were going to war. "This is the only way out." Dylan said, as he looked across a large, open road into another alley, which most likely lead to the outer limits of the city, "Are we all ready?" Everyone nodded, but they weren't ready, what could prepare them for this? With a deep breath, and a burst of adrenaline, Dylan flew across the street, right past a car.

He barely missed being hit, and tripped, flying into the alleyway and into a pile of boxes. The car went on like nothing happened, and no one was the wiser. With Dylan safely across the street now, Brendan stuck his head out and awaited the police to turn away before running across the street after Dylan. Even though he was slow, he made it safely across, and sat next to Dylan, whose face was still red from carelessly tripping into the alleyway. "You go next." Sean said to the girl, who growled at him, "No, you go!" Sean sat down for a moment and shut his eyes, trying to show his stubbornness, but the girl refused to leave, and sat next to him as well. "Look girl, you either go now, or I carry you across." She grinned evilly and nodded her head, but it was her own mistake, because she was bad at sarcasm.

Sean took off across the street, running like Dylan had, except with a girl over his shoulder punching him repeatedly and yelling. His hand went over her mouth and they ran down the alleyway, quickly followed by Dylan and Brendan. Sean turned around a corner, and hid in a smaller alleyway, just in case the police heard her screaming. As Dylan and Brendan turned the corner, they dove out of the way, as a trashcan flew by, "YOU PERVERT!" Sean crawled backwards out of the alley, "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" He yelled while rubbing his bright red face, and avoiding a trashcan lid, which veered off like a boomerang and collided into Brendan, sending him into the trashcan that had recently been launched out.

From then on, the group was spread out as they headed through the rest of the city by alleyway; Brendan and Sean hung in the back, while Dylan led with the girl behind him. Random comments were made from her towards Sean the entire time, "Stop staring" or "Stop drooling", but he refused to fight back anymore and Dylan and Brendan just didn't want to get involved. The trek through the city began to wear on everyone, but Dylan knew they getting close to their destination, he could feel it; however, the quiet began to wear on his nerves. "What's your name?" Dylan asked suddenly to the girl, who acted quite surprised, "Why?" she answered, and Dylan shrugged. She crept up to his side, but before she could speak, there was a sudden explosion. "Save it for another time!" Dylan yelled, and took off running, following after Brendan who seemed to be leading everyone at the time, and for some reason Dylan heard the clucking of a chicken in his head...but shrugged it off.