The Heroic Lady
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was in Cleveand,Ohio on day Seven
Of July where one had found pure heaven
In the form of a Vonda Shepard type beauty
Who was a TV News Reporter named Hillary
Scott,who agrees that both sexes are even.

You see,I--John Baldwin--was one of the cops
Who were there to protect all of the top
Political figures from possible attack by
Terrorist groups who were about to try
To destroy the cream of the political crop.

However,one of those assassins made his way
Into the hotel in such a particular way--
By posing as one of the hotel staff and walk
Towards one of the targets having a talk
With his friends in such a carefree way.

But,just as he was about to pull the triger,
Hillary had moved herself a little closer
To that table and knocked the triggerman down
To the floor,thus saving the royal crown
From being killed and having him love her.