Chapter 1: The Girls

Jessi Donavan and Cassadee Venura in front of Low High School waiting for the city bus. The mid-afternoon sun made the air around them sticky and distant objects waver.

Jessi and Cassadee were best friends. Both girls were fifteen and sophomores at Low High, Los Angeles, California. They were planning where to go with their sixteen year old boyfriends, Buddy Hall and Joshua McCarter, after ditching fifth hour history.

Jessi had long, straight, dark brown hair that went down to her knees. She had bright, green eyes with baby blue streaks in them. She was five foot six and quite strong for her age. Both of her brothers, Andrew and Staton, had the bruises to prove it.

Cassadee had raven black hair that was down to her knees, too. She always had it up in some interesting and new fashion. Her icy blue eyes were calculating and intelligent. She was the same height as Jessi, but not quite as strong. She could still whip Andrew and Staton's butts though.

The two girls belonged to a gang called State. Every member of State was a raver. The strange thing was that Staton and Andrew belonged to a rival gang called Playa. The two girls would stay and fight when rumbles went down between the two gangs, but Jessi's brothers left. But girls technically weren't allowed to fight so they disguised themselves as guys wearing black hoodies, jeans, and baseball hats.

"There's the bus," Cassadee said, pointing up the street two blocks away.

"Ya, but where's the guys?"

Cassadee just shrugged. A few minutes later the bus was in front of the school and the girls got on. They went to the back of the bus and sat down. In front of them, there were two guys in black hoodies. They were tall and muscular. All the girls could see of the guys was the backs of their heads. One had hair as black as midnight that was slicked back. The other had sandy blonde hair that appeared to fall into his eyes. The girls looked at each other and grinned.

Jessi said loudly, "Gee, I wish we had a couple of big strong men to help us around town since we're new and skipped and all."

Cassadee added, "Ya especially two guys with hoodies to keep us warm."

Jessi finished with, "Now where are we going to find two guys like that?"

"You have some," said the guy with the blonde hair.

Then the two guys turned around and faced Jessi and Cassadee, resting their chins on the back of the seat, both of the guys blue and green eyes sparkled with laughter.

"Where are you going to find these guys?" Buddy asked, Ashe climbed over the seat and sat next to Jessi.

"Ya these sound like extra special guys you're looking for," said Josh as he climbed over the seat to sit next to Cassadee, brushing his blonde bangs out of his eyes to get a good look at her. "Would you mind going somewhere with two normal guys like us?"

Then Josh put his left hand on Cassadee's cheek, gently brushed her lips, then locked lips with her, and felt her relax. Cassadee was forgetting everything around her, losing herself in the intensity of the kiss. She always thought there was something poetic about it.

Buddy and Jessi had long since been lip locked. They just ignored everything until Jessi pulled away to ask something. She said, "So where are we going?"

Josh said, "We found a great place. The rest of the gang will be there later. A rave is supposed to go on there tonight, but right now it is empty."

"Sweet," said Cassadee. "We'll be all alone."