One year later

Kylie reached for the switchblade, carelessly left on the table. Kyle picked her up just in time, "Oh no you don't little missy." He handed her a bottle and stood next to the window in Jessi's living room.

"Hey," said Andrew, who jumped the last few stairs to land in the living room.

"Your brother knew Kylie was coming, right?"

"Ya, why?"

"He left a knife out in her reach."

"I'll get him later."

Paige, Jessi, Cassadee, Buddy, Staton, and Josh came in from outside and sat down.

"I…I have an announcement to make," Paige said in a nervous voice.

"You have our attention," Andrew said sitting on the back of the easy chair behind Jessi.

"I'm," she began; Staton walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. "I'm pregnant."

'With me," Staton added proudly.

"Were you high when this happened?" Andrew asked.

"No," said Paige in a small voice.

"You had to be. Staton can't even take care of himself, much less two others."

"So, I love him and this is important to me."

"We're sorry, Paige. It's just a shock, that's all," said Cassadee in order to make her more comfortable. "So is it a boy or a girl and what's its name?"

"It's twins," said Paige. "A boy and girl. We are going to name them Brian and Brandy."

"That's wonderful," said Cassadee, even though she had never forgiven Staton for kidnapping her last year. "In fact I have good news, too. Josh and I..."

Josh walked over to Cassadee and put his hand in hers. "Tell them," he said.

Cassadee lifted up her left hand. On it was a beautiful silver ring with a huge opal on it.

"We're engaged," she said. "We're going to have a long engagement, but after high school we plan on getting married."

"Why?" asked Staton.

Cassadee just looked into Josh's eyes and said, "Because we're in love."

"That's so great," said Kyle.

"Let me guess," Andrew said turning on Jessi, who sat alone in the easy chair. "You're pregnant and are getting married tomorrow."

"No, actually I planned to get through high school, then college, then get married, get a good job, and once I have money just maybe have a baby."

"Quit yellin' at her! She isn't doing anything wrong," Angel began, paused, and then she finished. "You should be yellin' at me. I'm pregnant."

"What!" Andrew exploded. "Aren't you going out with Kyle?"

"Ya, so," answered Kyle.

"Oh, I see. You cheat on your girlfriend, get Lee Chang, of all people, pregnant, have a kid, and then move on to the next victim, smooth Kyle, real smooth."

"We're going to name the twins Nevaeh and Emily Nicole," said Angel, stepping in between Kyle and Andrew.

Andrew raised his fist and right before he swung at Kyle, Jessi and Cassadee grabbed his arms and flipped him over. He landed on the floor, flat on his back.

Jessi panted a little and wiped a strand of hair off her face (she had cut it to her waist and dyed it chestnut brown with light streaks though it).

"We are all old enough to take care of ourselves, Andrew. Just because Dad ran off, Mom parties hardy every night, and you felt the need to take care of me yourself, doesn't mean I didn't grow up. Now I'll tell you again. Chill!"